BA Professional Writing and Communication

English plays a critical role in contemporary society, both as a tool for understanding and creating culture and as a means of communicating in the professional world beyond graduation. Students who major in English will develop their abilities to recognize and prefer good literature, to respond to written works intelligently and sensitively, and to create a variety of texts of their own. Open to students of English are careers in secondary and higher education, publishing, technical communication, public relations, journalism and business.

No courses with “C-” grades will count towards the English major. Students must have a “B-” or better in all MnTC Goal 1 (Communication) requirements. An overall GPA of 2.5 in the major courses is necessary for graduation. Students should choose the letter grade option for all major courses, except for Senior Seminar, which is credit/no credit.

Professional Writing & Communication (PWC) majors are not required to earn a B- in each of their MnTC Goal 1 (Communication) classes. However, PWC majors are still expected to meet prerequisite requirements for individual Goal 1 classes including but not limited to the requirement that they earn a C or better in ENG 099 before taking ENG 151 and earn a C or better in ENG 151 before taking ENG 251, 351 or PHIL 303.

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