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About the University

The University of Law is a multi-campus institution with sites in Birmingham, Bristol, Chester, Guildford, Leeds, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Hong Kong. With a reputation for excellent teaching, drawing on the experiences of staff with years of practicing Law, the university offers a diverse range of courses in both undergraduate and postgraduate study.

It is one of the UK's longest-established specialist providers of legal education.

Students benefit from flexible learning options and the support offered by a large and diverse community, as well as professional connections.


Campus Life

The University of Law's online accommodation portal provides helpful advice on choosing a property to rent near to campus. The university also have campus groups to find spare rooms in homes and flats with current students. 

All campuses offer a first-class, professional learning environment, including well equipped IT suites, comprehensive libraries and quiet study areas.

The University also has access to a broad range of online resource banks which aid students in retrieving the latest legal texts. 

The London Bloomsbury campus also is home to a mock courtroom and crime scene.

Student life

Students benefit from the experience of an inner-city education in all of the university's nine campuses.

Vibrant cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol offer a dynamic nightlife and social opportunities. The university also offers a rich sports and social life through their Student Association.

 There is a broad variety of clubs from debating through to cooking and sport, and students are encouraged to get involved.


John Davies (Archbishop of Wales), Princess Badiya bint Hassan, Robert Jenrick (politician), Seema Kennedy (politician), Rachel Joyce (athlete), Margaret Fiedler McGinnis (musician)

8000 Students

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