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BSc (Honours) Biochemistry & Molecular Biology With Health Sciences

Trent University

The Specialization in Health Sciences is ideal for students who are interested in a career related to healthcare or health- related research. This specialization allows students to select a program of study from a subset of courses related to health and other medically relevant topics. Students also have the option of completing a health-based research thesis project in Biology or Biochemistry.


  • The Specialization is open to students in the single or joint-major Honours programs in Biology or in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology who have earned a minimum of 13.5 university credits.
  • Many medical schools require General Biology, General Chemistry, Physics, and a Humanities or Social Sciences course for admission. Students should consult each school for specific requirements.
  • Students are required to obtain approval of the Specialization coordinator to register in either BIOL 4450Y (Placement in Health Sciences) or BIOL 4460H (Internship in Medical Sciences).
  • Students intending to pursue graduate studies are strongly encouraged to take a research thesis course (BIOL 4010Y or 4020D).


Graduating students who have fulfilled the requirements for a single- or joint-major Honours degree in Biology or Biochemistry & Molecular Biology may apply for a Specialization in Health Sciences if they have successfully completed one of BIOL 4450Y or 4460H, along with the following 7.5 credits:

  • 3.5 BIOL credits consisting of BIOL 1020H, 1030H, 2050H, 2070H, 3080H, 3830H, and 3840H
  • 1.0 CHEM credit consisting of CHEM 1000H and 1010H
  • 3.0 credits from the following: ANTH-SAFS 3280H ANTH-BIOL 3460H ANTH 4280H* BIOL 2110H BIOL 3040H BIOL 3100H BIOL-PSYC 3210H BIOL 3250H BIOL 3640H BIOL 4080H BIOL 4110H BIOL 4160H BIOL 4190H BIOL 4260H BIOL 4320H BIOL 4350H BIOL 4360H BIOL 4370H BIOL 4380H BIOL 4620H BIOL 4630H BIOL-PSYC 4840H CHEM 2100H CHEM 2110H CHEM-BIOL 2300H CHEM 2400H CHEM 3310H CHEM 3320H (3300H) CHEM 4300H ECON 3840H ERSC 3701H (3700Y) ERSC 3702H (3700Y) PSYC-BIOL 3220H PSYC 3230H PSYC 3750H PSYC 4310H PHIL 2390H PHIL 4390H SOCI 3631H (3630Y)

*no longer offered

Program Coordinator

L. Kerr, BSc, MSc (Carleton), PhD (British Columbia) 

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CA$26,191 Per Year

International student tuition fee

4 years


Sep 2024

Start Month

Aug 2024

Application Deadline

Upcoming Intakes

  • September 2024
  • January 2025
  • September 2025

Mode of Study

  • Full Time