Postgraduate Diploma of Applied Technologies-Computing (Level:8)

Is it time to take the next step in your computing career? In this postgraduate diploma, you’ll build on the knowledge and skills of your undergraduate degree by concentrating on a specialisation you’re interested in – cybersecurity and networking, software development or data analytics and intelligence. You’ll gain deeper insights into a specific area of ICT while strengthening your leadership and collaboration capabilities.
This programme includes two compulsory courses: Research Methods sets you up for advanced research if you do more postgraduate study, and Applied Project provides a chance to undertake and manage an IT project that expands your work experience.

Cybersecurity and Networking
Cybersecurity and computer networks are constantly evolving and growing areas of IT, particularly as more organisations move their operations online and rely on virtual computer networks and cloud services. With cyber-attacks and remote-work security risks on the rise, the technology industry needs cybersecurity professionals and network engineers with the skills and strategic thinking to detect vulnerabilities, mitigate risks and develop policies and procedures for maintaining security in various computer network settings and cloud services – and that’s exactly what the courses in this specialisation focus on. You’ll analyse complex attacks, apply security protection mechanisms and assess potential internal and external threats and protective strategies.

Software Development
Software engineering regularly rates as one of the top jobs in the world. Why? In this field, you can apply your skills in a wide variety of industries and projects. Over time, experienced software developers usually acquire one or more areas of specialisation – something employers often look for to fill higher-level positions. The courses in this specialisation focus on software development strategies and advanced technical skills such as machine learning, the Internet of Things, and web development..

Data Analytics and Intelligence
Hailed by many as one of the most in-demand tech talents, data analytics is a burgeoning industry. Businesses rely on data intelligence to optimise performance, maximise profit, improve customer experience and make fast, data-driven decisions. Therefore, they need people with a deep understanding of best practice techniques and data analytics processes. The courses in this specialisation concentrate on applying data analytics tools to identify and solve issues in data-driven projects.

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NZ$25,800 Per Year

International student tuition fee

1 Year


Jul 2024

Start Month

Jun 2024

Application Deadline

Upcoming Intakes

  • July 2024
  • February 2025
  • July 2025

Mode of Study

  • Full Time