Graduate Certificate Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial Applications

In the United States and around the world, balancing the preservation of the natural environment with concerns for social equality and well-being has led to a growing demand for broadly trained individuals who can identify and understand pressing social and environmental issues, collect and analyze relevant data, and develop and implement innovative solutions.

Geographers explore factors affecting the distribution of people and their activities on the surface of the earth with the goal of providing meaningful solutions to problems faced by society. Geography 's broad and holistic approach is ideally suited for liberal arts majors interested in exploring a concepts and techniques on environmental and sustainability issues, socioeconomic problems and planning policies. Environmental Sciences constitute a multidisciplinary study of the environment that integrate work from chemistry, biology and ecology, physics, geology, geography, anthropology, engineering, political science, law, economics, and the health sciences. Students in all programs are introduced to coursework in the geospatial sciences , a set of techniques that enables scholars and policymakers to use maps and geographic information systems (GIS) to explore and analyze a huge range of topics.

Careers in geography and the environmental sciences encompass a broad range of professions, from those with a strong foundation in the natural/physical sciences or engineering to those based in the social sciences and/or humanities. The department of Geography and Environmental Sciences offers a broad range of programs designed for students at multiple stages of their career, including a BA in Geography , an MS in Environmental Science , and an MA in Applied Geography and Geospatial Sciences. In collaboration with the College of Architecture and Planning (CAP), we also support a PhD in Geography, Planning and Design . Students interested in exploring one of the subfields can pursue minors in Geography , Environmental Sciences , or Urban and Regional Planning . We also offer certificates in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) , FOSS4G (open-source GIS), Environmental Science Education , and Sustainable Urban Agriculture .

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