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Founded in 1451 by the papal bull, Glasgow University is the fourth-oldest college in the English-speaking globe and one of Scotland's four oldest colleges. 

The university, along with the colleges of Edinburgh, Aberdeen and St Andrews, was established as part of the Scottish Enlightenment during the 18th century. 

The university is a member of the renowned Russell Group, an association of major British organisations in the field of teaching and research. Glasgow University's international reputation is therefore profound, and the university attracts thousands of applications from international students each year. 

According to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014, 81% of the research accomplishments were rated as "internationally outstanding" and reached the 10th place for study quality in the United Kingdom.



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Campus Life

The nearest airport is Glasgow International Airport.

Student life

Glasgow is a warm and inviting city and the university encourages it's students to immerse itself in the city and Scotland's rich heritage. 

As one of the most affordable and friendly cities in the world, it is a popular destination for international students. 

The campus of the university is nestled next to the city's West End, giving easy access to a diverse range of cafes, bars, restaurants, vintage boutiques and cultural attractions. 

Only a short train journey away is the stunning beauty of Scotland's countryside, or the bustling metropolis of Edinburgh which is a popular day trip for many students. 


Adam Smith (economist), Nicola Sturgeon (politician), Gerard Butler (lawyer/actor), Aamer Anwar (lawyer), Jocelyn Bell Burnell (astrophysicist), John Logie Baird (inventor/engineer)

30805 Students
30805 Students

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