MSc by Research Engineering

Undertake postgraduate research while drawing on a wide range of expertise from more than 50 academic staff.

There’s a strong applied research focus in our School of Computing & Engineering – and particular interests in work that engages with the concerns of the user, the needs of businesses and the rapid developments within the IT industry and engineering sectors.

We may also be able to offer you effective supervision for cross-disciplinary projects that link to business management. As a research degree candidate, you will be supported by a supervisory team with expertise in your subject and/or research approach. A research degree will open the door to work in full-time research or teaching, or provide a greater understanding of professional practice.

Research environment

Our School of Computing & Engineering is active in pure and applied research, knowledge transfer and industrial projects. There are a number of dedicated laboratories for researchers and you’ll be joining a group of about 35 research candidates – all involved in extending both new knowledge and professional practice.

All postgraduate researchers are required to initially take and complete a Postgraduate Certificate in Research Methods to support the development of their project and their education as researchers. We also offer a range of further research training events, postgraduate researcher-led seminars, conferences and summer schools – as well as training offered through other universities and bodies.

This diverse range of events helps you gain the skills and confidence you need to underpin your research journey. This research contributes to the research priority area Applied Business and Technology.

Study style

Your postgraduate research study is mainly carried out through a unique project with both theoretical investigation and practical application, which leads to your contribution to the new knowledge generation.

The study will be an effective combination of your independent investigation and the support from your supervisors with the required expert knowledge through regular meetings with them. Communication will be via email and virtual meetings with your supervisors.

In addition, the academic school staff will provide any necessary support during your study. Dependent on your individual project, there will be an element of software application for system modeling, analysis and optimisation and an element of verification and validation test of either a digital model and/or physical model.

Your choice of study can be either full-time or part-time. The study can also be carried out through the international remote mode. There is also a chance your study subject area from engineering to cyber and technical computing and game technology.

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