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MSc Theoretical Physics

University of Hertfordshire

Throughout this course, you’ll be exposed to the elegant and unifying mathematical ideas that underpin humanity’s best answers to these questions to date. You’ll explore the fundamental physical theories which govern the behaviour of space, time and matter. From the quantum field theories that allow us to compute amplitudes in high-energy particle scattering experiments, to the geometry of black holes and other curved spacetimes, you’ll gain exposure to the key concepts of the field.

This is just the start of your journey. Through project work and research seminars, you will explore the latest research and undertake your own scientific exploration. This course is also available in a two-year 240 credit (equivalent to 120ECTS credit) pathway, the MSc Theoretical Physics with Advanced Research. Research-informed teaching and scientific exploration is the core focus of the course. Bringing you to the forefront of research in the field, this course will ensure you are fully prepared to pursue a career in research academia, or in industry applying your skills and knowledge to solve a range of business needs. You’ll benefit from being taught by experts within the Department of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics.

The course aims to develop hard skills in conceptualisation and critical thinking, mathematical and scientific writing, and also soft skills – in communication, teamwork and presentation– which are highly transferable as well as being vital in academic research. Upon graduation, you’ll be well-equipped for a career in a variety of industries and stand out with advanced analytical and problem-solving skills. Theoretical physics graduates go on to careers in IT and technology, banking and investment management, in consultancy, and in a variety of other areas including the energy and environmental sectors, materials science, telecommunications, and engineering.

The course also provides you with the building blocks for PhD study and a research career in academia. This is an exciting time to progress onto a pathway in research and academia due to increased investment in the UK in the mathematical and physical sciences. Your skills as a theoretical physics graduate will be in high demand.

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Sep 2024

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Aug 2024

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