MEng Edge Computing

Smart devices and the popularity of cloud services have created a new computing paradigm known as Edge Computing to process information data at the edge of a network. Edge computing is computing that takes place at or near the physical location and involves capturing, storing, processing, and analysing data closer to the location where it is needed to improve response times and save bandwidth. Edge computing will generate billions of new Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints and real-time artificial intelligence (AI) for autonomous systems. It will also enable intelligent applications and devices to respond to data almost instantaneously, which is critical for the deployment of new age technologies such as self-driving cars, vision systems, healthcare transformation, sustainable energy management and smart manufacturing systems. Programme Aims: To equip students with knowledge of electronic technologies ranging from network and cloud infrastructure solutions to IoT systems and applications. To enhance learning in communications and computer systems, networking architectures and cybersecurity, including artificial intelligence (AI) at the edge and its application in the field of edge computing. To provide know-how of edge computing platforms, communication & security protocols, real-time data processing fundamentals including AI/Machine Learning (ML) design and implementation. To enhance graduates existing educational base and employment prospects.

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€18,900 Per Year

International student tuition fee

1 Year


Sep 2024

Start Month

Aug 2024

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Upcoming Intakes

  • September 2024
  • September 2025
  • September 2026

Mode of Study

  • Full Time