PhD Human Ecology Environmental Science

Human ecology is the interdisciplinary study of human-environment interactions. Students will combine perspectives from anthropology, geography, and biology to understand how place and culture define a population's relationship with nature. The Human Ecology concentration helps Ph.D. candidates explore the relationships between humans and the different environments they inhabit, including natural and human-created environments. Students will create research to uncover solutions to the environmental impacts of humans and how to build better relationships with the natural world.

The environmental science program is an interdisciplinary collaboration among the Department of Biological Sciences, the Department of Geography, the Department of Chemistry, the Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies and other departments at UNT to examine major environmental issues through an interdisciplinary perspective.

The program offers graduate studies in environmental science that lead to the PhD, granted through the Department of Biological Sciences. The course of study, involving both core and elective courses, is designed for those students who desire an interdisciplinary perspective concerning human-environmental interactions.

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