Applied Gerontology Certificate

UNT's Applied Gerontology Undergraduate Certificate focuses on the processes of aging, changes in individuals as they age, how society affects and is affected by aging, and how current information and technology can be implemented to help care for aging populations.

Applied Gerontology helps students develop a sound understanding of the processes of aging, a commitment to the pursuit of new developments and research, and a belief that the latter years of life have intrinsic value and offer the potential for human fulfillment.

The vision, knowledge and skills of professionals who embrace this philosophy will be increasingly necessary as our global communities seek to meet the needs of their growing populations of older adults.

Faculty with expertise in applied gerontology, health services, rehabilitation counseling, substance use, and behavioral health concerns prepare students for a career that makes a positive impact on the lives of others.

Alumni of our programs become researchers, educators, administrators, and clinicians. Our department’s excellence is demonstrated through our students, faculty, and the community outreach programs they maintain.

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