BAppSc(Hons) Software Engineering

Software engineering requires modelling and understanding complex interactive systems, as well as identifying how the performance of computer information systems can be improved. It also includes managing the construction of the information system components, and ensuring procedures are in place for continual testing and maintenance.

You’ll be able to join a highly sought-after profession. New Zealand’s (and the world’s) future depends on having technical experts who can oversee the construction of the complex information systems that will underpin the new knowledge-based society.

You’ll gain the expertise to enter a fast-growing industry with highly-paid job opportunities, where innovation is rewarded.

You’ll discover the satisfaction of devising and modelling systems, and then testing them under a range of operating conditions.

You’ll learn about databases, mathematical applications, software development, and strategies for using computers to solve real-life problems. You’ll cover issues like systems design, where you’ll assess software on issues like usability and visual appeal. You’ll also learn how to manage and coordinate a software project, taking into account modelling, costing, risk, organisation and resourcing.

Software Engineers are among the highest-paid professionals in most countries of the world. Countries like Japan and the United States are relaxing their immigration laws in order to address critical shortages in this area.

Software engineers are not only in demand at software companies, but are also sought after in a range of other organisations involved in the development of significant information systems. This includes governments, telecommunications companies, the chemical industry, biomedical industries, financial institutions, agribusinesses, pharmaceuticals, healthcare sector corporations, engineering and manufacturing firms.

While the work of software engineers can often involve developing interactive, user-friendly applications to be used by companies and individuals, it can also involve the development of a considerable amount of “behind the scenes” software. This can include systems to improve the management of e-commerce, or to improve the security and privacy of Internet transactions.

There is enormous scope to establish new start-up organisations throughout the information technology and telecommunications industries. This might mean anything from designing an interactive application for use on the Web, to developing your own line of software to meet the needs of a particular sector, such as tourism or finance.

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NZ$37,726 Per Year

International student tuition fee

1 Year


Jul 2024

Start Month

Jun 2024

Application Deadline

Upcoming Intakes

  • July 2024

Mode of Study

  • Full Time