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Doctor of Philosophy in Entomology

Washington State University

The Department of Entomology offers graduate programs leading to Doctoral and Master of Science degrees. The curriculum provides the opportunity to study the basic and applied aspects of the science. Facilities and training are available for graduate study in major areas of entomology, including (but not limited to) apiculture; behavior; integrated biological control and sustainable pest management; ecology; forest entomology; insect/plant interactions; medical/veterinary entomology; population genetics; physiology; systematic; biological diversity and environmental toxicology. Departmental faculty, adjunct faculty, and affiliate faculty may all serve as student advisors. Faculty are housed both on campus and at Research and Extension Centers throughout the state; the ability to significantly interact with both on- and off-campus advisors and mentors offers students opportunities and perspectives not available in most programs. We maintain strong cooperative interactions with the USDA ARS lab in Yakima, Washington. Students whose major advisor resides at a Research and Extension Center (Wenatchee, Prosser, Puyallup, Mt. Vernon or USDA Wapato) typically come to Pullman for at least two semesters then relocate to the center where they will conduct their research and take the remainder of their coursework via AMS/WECN. Each student’s program of study is individualized based on their research interests, prior academic experience, and collaboration with their major advisor.

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