10 Tips for choosing the right university

By Ekta
Updated on: Jun 27, 2023
10 Tips for choosing the right university
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Studying abroad is a life-changing decision, but one you won't regret. We recommend a bit of research before you plunge into admission forms for universities across the globe. When it comes to your career, it is essential to weigh all the options from an objective standpoint.  

The first thing to start with is making a list of your choices. Narrow down your search by deciding what you want to do and what you want to avoid. For example, maybe you only want to study abroad at a university where the language of teaching is English? Perhaps you have a specific budget, or want to be within a few hours' flights of home? 

Once that's done, our top tips below will help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing a university.

Let’s take a look!

1. Check the University is officially recognised

You name any university, and they will have accreditations. Look out for the names of certification, and if the course of your choice has accreditation. It is also essential that the University is well-known for the degrees it awards in the area of your interest. 

Confused about universities?
Explore, filter, shortlist universities with ease and get free counselling

2. Look up the ranking of the University

It is advisable to apply to a university that ranks in the top 50 of your subject. There are many you can look at, such as QS World University Rankings and the World Reputation Ranking.

3. Make sure you find the course details interesting

You can check the course content on the university website. If there's an area within the subject you're particularly interested in, check whether the University has it "on its menu".

4. Is it within budget?

It is essential to consider the overall expense involved in studying at a particular destination. When calculating your costs, don't forget to consider ancillary charges such as accommodation, utilities, transportation, etc.

Consider the duration of your course as that'll majorly affect your overall cost of studying abroad. For instance, masters in the UK and Ireland are offered for just one year, whereas masters in other countries like Canada and Australia can take up to two years.

Confused about universities?
Explore, filter, shortlist universities with ease and get free counselling

5. Check what job prospects are like

Another essential aspect is to see the university reputation in the job market. Many universities across the globe have tie-ups with top industry players, and this opens your doors to the right internship and job opportunities.

6. Check what the local transport is like

Whether it's centrally located or in the outskirts of the city, what's important is how well connected it is with train and bus facilities.

7. Make sure you will enjoy the climate

You should pick a college located in a state or city with a climate that suits you. In Canada for instance, it can get very cold, so make sure this is something you won’t mind. You may even be able to give skiing a go!

8. How safe is the location?

This is one thing that you should always consider. Always try to understand how safe the University and the surrounding area is; check if there are sufficient safety measures in place to provide international students with a secure atmosphere.

9. Check the visa application process

Each country has a different set of rules to abide by, and sometimes visa processing may take more time than expected. Visa processing costs can also vary for each country. You can connect with our advisors, who can help you understand the visa processes.

10. What extracurricular activities are available?

Your studies are necessary, but so is everything else you can get up to at university. Before finalising your choice, it is crucial to find out what societies and clubs you can join. It's a great way to try something new and make new friends. 

When it comes to studying abroad, there is more to it than just the campus you're at You get the opportunity to travel off the beaten track and discover new and exciting places. Make sure you enjoy the journey, and at any given point, you feel you need assistance, we are here.

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