What is an Ivy League University?

Updated on: Jun 3, 2024
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What is an Ivy League University?
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The term “Ivy League” defines the best quality academics the world over. The Ivy League comprises eight private universities located in the northeastern US. In the 1950s, the Ivy League was founded for university football and the presidents of these 8 universities signed the Ivy Green Agreements that set standards for college football teams. However, over time an Ivy League University became synonymous with excellence in education alongside sporting success.

In today’s academic world, the Ivy League represents the oldest universities in the USA with a long-standing history, academic excellence, highly selective admission process, and prestigious reputation. In fact, over a third of US Presidents attended an Ivy League University in the USA and all 8 members of this league have an impressive share of Nobel laureates.

Studying in an Ivy League University in the USA is the dream of a majority of bright and gifted students and these universities have always ranked among the top universities in the US and across the world.

List of Ivy League Universities in the USA

Amongst the 8 members of the Ivy League, seven were founded during the American colonial period. Below we have provided the list of 8 Ivy League universities in the USA according to their ranks as per QS World University Ranking 2024.

Ivy League UniversityQS World University Ranking 2024
Harvard University#4
Columbia University#23
University of Pennsylvania#12
Yale University#16
Princeton University#17
Cornell University#13
Brown University#73
Dartmouth College#237

Note: Ivy League Universities are ranked annually and these rankings are subject to change each year.

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Confused about universities?
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Eligibility requirements for admission to an Ivy League University

Eligibility requirements to study in the USA for universities are somewhat similar. However, the eligibility requirements for an Ivy League university may differ from other universities given their rankings and reputation. Here is a list of documents you require before you start the application process.

  • A valid passport: Valid until after your intended course completion date.
  • Academic transcripts: Marks/results from class 9 upwards. If applying for PG courses, the mark sheets or your bachelor's degree, all-year scores, as well as a cumulative score, would be required
  • Exams required to study in the USA: SAT/ACT for your undergraduate or GMAT/GRE for graduation studies respectively.
  • Proof of funds: The information is required by universities to determine your eligibility for scholarships as well as your ability to afford the education.

Studying at a prestigious Ivy League University is a dream that can catapult your career to success in the most glorious manner possible. However, to achieve your dream you need the right professional help and assistance.

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