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5 jobs that are in high demand

By Olivier Guiberteau• Last updated: Nov 8, 2023
5 jobs that are in high demand
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It’s safe to say that the entire job market has been upended in 2020. While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruption around the world and badly affected certain industries, there remain certain jobs that are in relatively high demand right now - and for many of them, it looks like that trend will continue well into the future. 

1. Nurses

There has probably never been such focus on our healthcare system as there is today. The events of the past six months have revealed both the glaring inadequacies that we often presumed and a deep love and respect for those who work on the front lines of healthcare. 

Nursing is one area that has had a rough ride in recent times and has led to a shortage of nurses across the UK. Last year 43,000 nursing positions across England were not filled. This is often explained by the low salaries, high turnover and gradual declining interest in the profession. 

But something may be changing. It’s likely that post-COVID, nursing, as well as many other healthcare positions, might be looked upon a little differently than before the pandemic. There will likely be government action in terms of raising nurses salaries and generally making this honourable position much more attractive. There are a whole host of nursing courses available across Britain at the moment - check out this guide and ranking for more information.  

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2. Web/Software Developer

I know this won’t come as a huge surprise to many, but the internet is becoming a pretty big deal. We’ve included Web and Software Developers in this list but in reality, most jobs in this kind of field are in high demand right now, and that’s only going to increase in the future. 

The digital world is set to play an absolutely pivotal role in our lives for a long time to come, and if you can code, build a blockchain, design an app, build a web page or create some software, your skills are going to be highly sought after. 

The options for those who wish to study in the field are expanding rapidly. Computer Science is a great degree to start with as an entry point but other specialised courses such as programming, digital media or information technology are also good options but it really depends what your final goal is. Have a look at this article from Prospects about all of the exciting possibilities that can come from a computer science degree.  

3. Teacher

Like nursing, teaching is another area that was once much more popular than it is now. To highlight this, the UK government has missed its secondary education recruitment target for seven years in a row, and the story in primary education isn’t much better. 

But this is an area that is being addressed, albeit slowly, and if you dream about being a teacher, then this might be the best possible time. Yes, with all of the restrictions in place now, and the uncertain future, it’s a strange time to be a teacher but this is one area that the government seems determined to address properly in the coming years.   

If you’re interested in becoming a teacher you will need a degree (not necessarily in the subject you wish to teach) and a recognised teaching qualification. Teacher Education or Training (ITET) programmes are available across the country - check out this guide to becoming a teacher

4. Engineer

This is one area that has seen a huge increase in both courses available and numbers of those taking it. Engineering is now one of the most popular degrees in the UK, but the demand for engineers remains very high. 

Again, this is a sector that includes too much for us to list in detail, but take your pick from aerospace and automobile engineering to biomedical engineering, from building skyscrapers to wind farms - the options for those wishing to embark on an engineering journey are enormous and getting bigger every day. 

What kind of engineering degree you choose really depends on your end goal. You can always start with general engineering and go from there, or if you want to dive in at the deep end, why not start with chemical or electrical engineering. Sheffield University has many great engineering degrees, and also a great guide to the various degrees.   

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5. Data Analyst/Scientist

Whether we like it or not, data is quickly enveloping our lives, and it’s difficult to see that trend ending anytime soon. But with this torrent of data streaming in every second of the day, who is responsible for analysing it all and making decisions based on it? 

Data analyst or data scientist might not be the most well-known profession, but they are certainly two jobs that are going to see astronomical rises in the coming years and decades. And these are jobs that can be applied to almost any field. Whether you are analysing numbers on Wall Street or in the fight against climate change, we have never required so many able people to read and understand the vast quotes of data as we have today. 

A data science degree is an absolute must if you choose to pursue this avenue, though it must be said that some of the finest data scientists around are self-taught (and often are borderline geniuses too). If you feel that a university degree is your way to go, check out this article on prospects.

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