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Top 13 highest paying computer science jobs 2024

By Lily Martin• Last updated: Jan 22, 2024
Top 13 highest paying computer science jobs 2024
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Top 13 highest paying jobs in computer science field

S NoJob TitleAverage Salary
1Computer ProgrammersBetween $62,840 - $93,000
2Professional HackersBetween $67,470 - $101,389
3IT AuditorBetween $75,229 - $94,092
4Systems Security AdministratorBetween $78,070 - $ $109,651
5Computer Systems AnalystBetween $78,981 - $116,170
6Network Security AdministratorBetween $84,310 - $135,000
7System Software EngineerBetween $90,870 - $112,484
8Data ModellerBetween $89,340 - $117,090
9Computer and Information Scientists and ResearchersBetween $101,745 - $136,751
10DevOps engineerAround $129,919 per year
11Software architectAround $142,995 per year
12Cyber security engineerAround $120,708 per year
13Business Continuity AnalystBetween $75,000 - $127,000

So here are the top 10 highest paying jobs in computer science 2024!

1. Computer Programmers

Perhaps the most commonly well-known profession in this industry. Computer Programmers are responsible for working closely with others to develop the programmes that keep the systems running. They also modify and expand when necessary and provide the essential groundwork for the process.

Employers expect people applying for these roles to have work experience and have a keen passion for what they will be doing for the company. It pays off, with an average salary ranging between $53,000 and $90,000 a year! This payscale makes this role one of the highest paying jobs in the computer field.

2. Professional Hackers

Professional Hackers provide the industry with essential skills by preventing data theft and cyber-attacks. They do this ‘ethically' by hacking into IT systems and identifying the gaps. Addressing these weaknesses will keep the system more secure.

Many professional hackers are a part of high-stake environments, such as banks and government organisations, where data is maintained based on confidentiality and national security. They are trained to use subtle techniques to reveal flaws in security systems. They must complete a programme certificate to show that they have expert knowledge of programme languages. It’s worthwhile, though, with an average yearly salary between $57,000 and $81,000.

3. IT Auditor

IT Auditors manage the collection of information of all the practices and operations within firms and large organisations. They ensure that the businesses comply with international and national regulations to keep the data and records safe.

They can uncover problems like fraud, mismanagement and other illegal activities in the process, which makes this an exciting and intriguing profession. IT Auditors are usually required to have at least a Masters qualification, particularly in accounting, IT or business management. They also typically have yearly salaries ranging between $51,000 and $76,000!

4. Systems Security Administrator

Systems Security Administrators are responsible for designing and implementing systems, software and server security. They manage high volumes of web activity and resolve technical issues for large organisations.

Most people in this role work from graduate or entry-level positions, completing complementary degree programmes in information security or computer science disciplines. They usually have salaries between $52,000 and $84,000.

5. Computer Systems Analyst

Computer Systems Analysts have the fun job of planning, designing and installing new systems. Usually, they work for specific companies or are contracted by big firms to design systems customised to their needs.

Trends seem to show that employers prefer people in this role to have at least an MA in a Computer science degree related to engineering or business administration and a brief work experience. This job is always on-demand with a huge competing crowd. The primary reason is that the average pay scale remains high, ranging from $58,000 to $96,000 annually. Not bad!

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6. Network Security Administrator

Arguably one of the essential jobs in the IT and technology industry, Network Security Administrators are responsible for the data security within computer networks and systems at firms and companies.

They perform various tasks from installing and maintaining systems to light programming, project management and computer training. They also troubleshoot for staff and devise plans to respond to service issues and threats to systems security. Annual earnings range from $68,000 to $88,000.

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7. System Software Engineer

Using a combination of the principles and theories behind computer science and mathematics, System Software Engineers work closely with their colleagues to maintain the software systems that run computer networks.

They play an essential role in developing a dynamic and evolving industry that is widely regarded as the future of the world of business, banking and management. As one of the best technology jobs out there, you can earn an average of about $73,000 to $114,000 a year.

8. Data Modeller

Data Modellers are system analysts who play an essential role in developing data models for the binary processes of computers.

They ensure that mass amounts of data in systems are split to avoid unnecessary data taking up the space and ensure successful transfer of data between systems. They can earn between $75,000 and $103,000 a year and are expected to have a com, although sometimes they can have an applied mathematics degree.

9. Computer and Information Scientists and Researchers

Coming in as one of the highest-paying tech jobs in the world, if you land a position doing this, you’ll find yourself both in demand and well paid!

You’ll be developing and devising solutions to computer problems, including issues with hardware and software, were having an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the industry, including business, engineering and technology, is the key. The role comes hand in hand with an average yearly salary of $77,000 to $125,000.

10. DevOps engineer

Development Operations engineers play an essential role in implementing automated applications. Along with this, your role as a DevOps person will include transitioning an organisation to cloud technology.

Primarily, they work closely with product managers and developers to fix the issues and ensure transparency in the product developed or the applications. 
This vital role that demands the exposure of your problem-solving ability with a mix of tech will ensure a sum of $121,996 per year as your salary.

11. Software architect

It is pretty easy to infer the actual job you’ll be doing as a software architect. But in-depth, it takes an exciting and profound turn! As a software architect, you’ll be building and developing applications and systems. These will be tailor-made for the clients, especially in the desktop applications and games domain.

So, if you see yourself as a person with immense interest and skillset to build things from scratch, you have a fantastic chance to land on this highest paying job!

12. Cyber security engineer

As a cyber security engineer, your primary role will be to protect the system from any internet threats, malware and also analyse the security network. Moreover, you’ll be testing and screening firewalls, identifying potential hazards and monitoring to report incidents related to security.

Having a clear thought and sharp mind to keep every data on the system security will make you a perfect cyber security engineer. You can make money up to $106k per year. 

13. Business Continuity Analyst

This job requires a cool head as well as expert knowledge of databases and systems. Basically, their job is to work as disaster relief in big businesses and IT companies.

They ensure that things return to normal after blackouts and that data and records can be recovered when everything is back up and running. This is essential in an era of online banking, administration and management, as well as for security. It requires an expert knowledge of information security and risk management, and comes with a hefty salary of between $95,000 and $105,000, hitting the top of our ranking.

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Known for producing some of the most successful university graduates in history - including Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, Java developer James Gosling and the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings - computer science degrees are in demand in the world of work. So what kind of jobs can you get with a computer science degree?

Computer science has become a widely considered and popular choice of course for university applicants globally. The evident tech boom can pave the way for a lucrative career in the coming future, with the most successful graduates making it to the list of the world’s wealthiest people.

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