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Virtual Counselling - Start your study abroad plan, from home!

By Ekta• Last updated: Oct 31, 2023
Unsure about which course to choose?
Edvoy provides free expert guidance and helps you shortlist courses with ease

Under lockdown? Feel like social isolation is a hurdle in your daily productivity? Have your big action plans for a successful future come to an abrupt stop? The world's top priority right now is to fight the coronavirus. Using social isolation as our crucial weapon, we are safeguarding ourselves and our fellow humans from this pandemic. Of course, our health is an important aspect of our lives but does that mean we should put our dreams and aspirations on hold? Absolutely not!

We at Edvoy are here to assist in kick-starting your life changing global educational voyage through virtual Counselling!

Wait! Virtual Counselling! What is that? How does it work?

Millennial times give us simple and straightforward millennial solutions. With the current crisis, none of us can step out of the house. So, a face-to-face consultation is out of the question. Virtual Counselling helps to make this impossible situation fruitful.

You can reach out to us through our website. Feel the need for human touch? You can also directly contact our counsellors through phone calls, WhatsApp and Skype.

Check our virtual counselling portal and get a clearer idea of this new concept that is going to support you through your study – abroad – journey.

Is it any less effective than a face to face consultation?

No! When you walk-in to meet an education advisor, it is to clarify your queries and talk to them about your preference. You will probably meet them few more times to get the right plan and to put it in action. This is precisely what will happen in virtual counselling as well, barring your to and fro movement between your home and the consulting office. No travel, less effort, just stress-free valuable information and guidance.

Given the current situation, don't you think that effortless virtual consult is the way to go?

Unsure about which course to choose?
Edvoy provides free expert guidance and helps you shortlist courses with ease

What can we do for you online?

Our educational consultants are highly trained in providing complete support right from the selection of your preferred courses and universities to tedious processes like visa screening and pre-departure. Let's look at how your journey to your destined university abroad will flow through a completely digital process.

Step 1: Tell us your preferences – Student profiling

This is you taking your first steps. Contact us and talk to us about all your study abroad aspirations, dreams. If you have any preferred universities and courses, let us know.Leaving your home country to study in a foreign land can be scary. Talk to us about your worries and queries. At the end of this session, you will have clarity, and we will have enough data to get to work and curate a personalized plan. We will then do a detailed evaluation of your profile.

Step 2: Gearing up for application – Documents; SOPs; Entrance exams

Things are heating up now. We will give you a concrete personalized plan detailing your deadlines and requirements. This will mainly include


There are several recognized tests used by universities during admissions like IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT and GRE. We will tell you the score and the tests that your chosen university expects. Certain universities require IELTS, some might prefer GMAT or GRE. Furthermore, we will also help you prep for these tests. It is important to note that most standard test organizations are now giving the test online for students to take from home.


Checklist! Checklist! Many of us have credentials that are more than enough to get admission to our dream school. The tricky part is including every document and information required correctly and as expected by the university. Every university requires a different set of documents. Hence, the need for a checklist.

Our counsellors will help you get your documents together and pass it on to our document verification experts. They will professionally verify them based on university standards to ensure your admission. All you have to do is, follow our checklist to upload your documents in our portal. Have any doubts you can always contact us we are here to help.

SOPs and admissions

Statement of purpose is, in most cases, the element that makes or breaks your admission. We will help you put your passion and aspirations on paper to create an inspiring SOP to impress the university. After cross-verifying everything thoroughly, we will then assist you in applying.

At this stage, you can get excited to start receiving calls from your dream schools.

Step 3: Halfway to victory – start receiving calls from the universities

We can be your point of contact for the university. You will have access to information about your application's progress on the university's side. Once you start receiving calls from the universities, your next step will be admission interviews.

Interviews are very intimidating for a lot of applicants. Remember, the university is already impressed with your credentials and is only looking to get to know you. So, it is vital to remain calm and answer with confidence. Our counsellors specially trained in this area will help you put your best self forward.

So, what's next? – Confirmed admission to your future university!

Imagine accomplishing all this while staying home! It seems surreal, doesn't it? We help you make this possible. Further, we also assist in tedious processes like visa and pre-departure. We support throughout your journey.

As a global citizen, stay at home and help stop the pandemic. As a person of passion, achieve your dreams from home.

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