Top apps for GRE preparation: Boost your score in no time

By Edvoy• Last updated: Feb 14, 2023
Top apps for GRE preparation: Boost your score in no time
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The GRE is a crucial component of the college admissions process, so it’s important to be well-prepared for this test.

Fortunately, there are many helpful apps out there to help you prepare. With the help of these apps, you can be sure to ace the GRE and get into your desired educational institution.

In this guide, we have compiled a list of the top apps for GRE preparation to get you started on the right track.

10 top apps for GRE preparation

There are a variety of apps available to help students prepare for the GRE. With these powerful apps at their disposal, students have the best possible chance of success in the GRE.

The top 10 apps for GRE preparation are:

1. Magoosh GRE Prep

Magoosh GRE Prep is a popular app for GRE preparation designed to help learners prepare for the GRE. It provides comprehensive study materials, including over 1000 practice questions and video explanations. The app also offers tailored study plans aimed at helping users understand their weak areas and master the concepts quickly and effectively.

Furthermore, Magoosh’s algorithm selects questions based on each user’s unique learning needs so that they can maximize their results in a limited time.

2. Manhattan Prep GRE

Manhattan Prep GRE is another popular app for GRE preparation and has been rated highly by most users. The app includes over 500 video tutorials allowing users to comprehend difficult topics easily. It also offers more than 3100 practice questions from real GREs to familiarise users with the exam format.

Manhattan Prep GRE also provides personalized study plans tailored to each user's needs and schedule, helping them reach their goals faster. It additionally offers performance analytics so that users can track their progress over time.

3. Ready4GRE

Ready4GRE is a top app for GRE preparation that enables users to practice for the GRE anytime, anywhere. It offers an advanced adaptive learning system that tailors the learning and practice experience to the user’s needs. The app also helps users prepare for the Analytical Writing Assessment, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning sections of the exam.

Ready4GRE features over 2,000 practice questions, dozens of practice tests, and over 500 lessons. It also provides detailed analytics and progress tracking to help users stay on track and identify their areas of strength and weakness. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

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4. Barron’s GRE Prep Plus 2020

Barron’s GRE Prep Plus 2020 is another great option for those preparing for the GRE. This app includes six full-length online practice tests accompanied by detailed answer explanations and a customizable quiz generator with over 4,000 questions and answers in total. It also includes a comprehensive review of all the essential GRE topics, including Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning.

The app also offers personalized study plans to better your chances of success on the exam. Additionally, Barron’s GRE Prep Plus 2020 provides detailed analytics so that you can track your progress as you prepare for the test.

5. Kaplan GRE Prep

Kaplan GRE Prep is a comprehensive mobile app for GRE preparation. It provides students with an extensive library of resources to help them master the GRE. This app includes over 1500 practice questions, 1,500 vocabulary flashcards, and more than 300 video lessons. Additionally, users can access personalized practice plans, timed practice tests, and strategies to help them maximize their scores.

The app also features a GRE Score Predictor, which can give users an idea of their expected score range on the exam. Kaplan also offers a variety of live and on-demand classes and tutoring services to supplement the app.

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6. GRE Daily Vocabulary

GRE Daily Vocabulary is an excellent tool for strengthening your vocabulary skills to ace the Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE. This app contains over 1000 words commonly seen on the exam, along with definitions, synonyms, and usage examples. Users can also take daily quizzes to track progress and create custom quizzes to focus on specific areas of weakness.

The app has the option to activate audio pronunciations for words so users can ensure they know how to pronounce them correctly. It also features an offline mode so users can study even without an internet connection. Overall, this app is an excellent resource for students preparing for the GRE.

 7. GRE Vocab Flashcards

This app is designed to help GRE test-takers learn and practice the vocabulary words commonly found on the GRE. It features over 1,000 words, split up into manageable sets. Each flashcard contains the word, definition, and an example sentence. The app also allows users to customize the cards to focus on specific topics or words they may be struggling with.

The app also provides quizzes to test the knowledge of words from each category. In addition, users can download cards from various sources, such as Merriam-Webster Dictionary, which can be used offline.

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 8. Veritas Prep GRE

Veritas Prep GRE is a comprehensive app for GRE preparation designed to help you maximize your score on the test. It provides access to over 200 hours of video lessons, practice tests, and other resources to help you master the material and improve your test scores. Additionally, it offers timed practice tests and a diagnostic tool for immediate feedback on test-taking skills.

It also features a library of over 1,000 words, their definitions, example sentences and audio pronunciations. You can also create your flashcards and practice tests and track your progress with detailed reports.

9. The Economist GRE Tutor

The Economist GRE Tutor is one of the top apps for GRE preparation as it provides a comprehensive, adaptive, and personalized study program that helps students succeed in the GRE. In addition, this app offers video lessons featuring instructors who explain key test-taking strategies and provide insight into each section of the exam.

The app also includes an adaptive practice system, which adapts to each student’s learning style and abilities. This allows the app to provide each student with the most appropriate questions and feedback.

10. GRE Power Prep

GRE Power Prep is an official app from ETS, the creators of the GRE. It contains two full-length practice tests based on real exams, allowing users to experience what taking an actual exam would be like. It also includes score analysis reports that evaluate areas of strength and weakness so users can focus their preparation efforts accordingly.

Additionally, the app has a comprehensive question bank with hundreds of practice questions, which are organized by topic. The questions are designed to help users identify their weak areas and focus their studying efforts.

Getting ready to study abroad?
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These apps are great tools to help students get ready for the GRE. Not only do they provide comprehensive reviews of all the material, but they also offer practical advice on how to approach each part of the exam and how best to use your time to maximize results. In addition, they can help students understand what areas require more attention, allowing them to develop a focused study plan with confidence.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the top apps for GRE preparation?

The top apps for GRE preparation are Magoosh GRE Prep, Manhattan Prep GRE, Ready4GRE, Barron’s GRE Prep Plus 2020, Kaplan GRE Prep, GRE Daily Vocabulary, GRE Vocab Flashcards, and Veritas Prep GRE.

2. What is the official app from ETS?

GRE Power Prep is an official app from ETS, the creators of the GRE. It contains two full-length practice tests based on actual exams, allowing users to experience what taking a real exam would be like.

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