4 Must-Visit London locations for students enrolled at the University of Roehampton

By Madie Howard• Last updated: Nov 8, 2023
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Black cabs, red telephone boxes, and never being more than 15 feet from a tube station: that’s London life.

Every September, students set their sights on studying in the most famous city in the UK to sample what they’ve seen on the silver screen. And every September, they are not disappointed!

The University of Roehampton is ideally located within easy reach of the Central London you know, and nestled near to hidden gems you have yet to discover.

Students are in a prime position to explore some of London’s best student spots amongst the best-known tourist hotspots that never grow old.

To get inspired for what UK life is like as a student, watch this handy one-minute video from our expert Edvoy team.

What’s Roehampton like to live in?

Nestled in the scenic borough of Wandsworth, Roehampton combines an abundance of picturesque parks and open spaces with its close proximity to the bustling centre of London.

The near East Putney Underground station - along with regular bus services, allow residents easy access to the heart of London.

It is also conveniently located close to Barnes tube station via the South Western Railway London underground tube line.

Top Tip: You can use your debit card or buy an Oyster card to travel in London. Contactless payment can be accepted for travel via bus, tube, and even trams. 

But keep your cards firmly in your pocket as you cannot pay for a bus fare using cash in the capital!

Since you will be living in the birthplace of cockney rhyming slang, get acquainted with informal phrases you won’t find in English language textbooks before you arrive.

Our YouTube short translates easily just for you.

Living in Roehampton enables you to see a film or television crew filming something exciting nearby.

Wimbledon Common and Kew Gardens provide the quintessential English backdrop needed for a British drama, or the perfect afternoon stroll post-exam.

Cult film fans are surprised to learn 1960s classic Fahrenheit 451 was partially filmed in Roehampton; the uniform grey palette of the local housing estate lending itself well to the film’s totalitarian landscape.

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How far is Roehampton from London?

Roehampton is an area in South West London, in the well-known district of Putney. As such, it only takes around 45 minutes to travel to the centre of London by bus, tube, or train.

Here is a breakdown of some of the most interesting parts of London students can visit during their time studying at the University of Roehampton.

Camden - London's alternative oasis

The birthplace of the British punk movement and a haven for alternative music lovers, Camden town is a must-visit destination for any University of Roehampton student.

Saturday evenings spent sitting on Camden lock were immortalised in the Kinks’ classic folk-rock hit ‘Waterloo Sunset’ for good reason: the picturesque view of the Regent’s canal provided the perfect wind-down to a trip along the infamous Camden market.

From this vantage point, you can smell multicultural street food sizzling on cast-iron pans and sip on Camden Town Brewery Pale Ale as live music wafts under your nose from the nearby Jazz Cafe.

The Camden Roundhouse hosts the biggest names in music and the alternative fashion nearby stems from the lauded ‘SEX’ shop co-owned by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren at the start of the 1970s punk scene in London.

Nowadays, Camden attracts a mixed crowd of rebellious teenagers, tourists and students just like you. Access Camden easily via the London Underground network as the station is along the Northern line and the University of Roehampton campus sits just beside the tube station.

South Bank - The iconic riverbank

London’s South Bank area has captured the hearts of London’s inhabitants for decades.

Often blessed with outdoor markets or live events, the area besides Big Ben and the London Eye is bustling with activity in summertime and just as heaving with tourists for the rest of the year.

When you want to spend some time away from the green University campus, perching on the side of the wall by the River Thames as you tuck into ‘picky bits’ is a quintessentially British use of your time.

 ‘Picky bits’ are a British staple that roughly translates into enjoying any bitesize, ready-to-eat nibbles you would traditionally have at a picnic: chicken pieces, cheese slices, crackers, strawberries, grapes etc.

There are numerous parks and green spaces along the South Bank area to lay down a tartan blanket and soak up the sun with your treats and some friends.

Likewise, the Southbank Centre is a cultural hub offering art exhibitions, concerts, theatre performances, and more.

While here, it only takes two minutes to stroll across to the world-famous London Eye attraction: ostensibly a large ferris wheel offering panoramic views of the city!

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Covent Garden - The lively market hub

Covent Garden has free street performances happening in multiple locations everyday, with audience participation often required!

The quaint architecture and mid-range shops make this part of London a charming way to spend a Saturday afternoon as you can even have a cute caricature drawing made of you by a street artist.

The Piazza and market building attracts people from all walks of life, with shops such as Apple, Mulberry, Tom Ford etc. lining the streets for a high-end shopping selection.

The cobblestone streets and red telephone box give this part of town the stereotypical look of London you will have seen before!

Notting Hill - The colourful gem

The setting for the 1999 romantic comedy of the same name, Notting Hill is one of the most famous parts of London. Portobello Road is sure to enthral you with its pastel-coloured houses and bohemian vibe.

Portobello Road Market is known for being the world’s largest antiques market that offers an impressive range of vintage pieces in addition to world food stalls and other household goods.

But it also has a rich socio-political history.

Notting Hill Carnival is a celebration of Caribbean heritage and the cultural diversity of the area, with its history dating back to 1966.

Every year the festival goes ahead with only minimal funding and the continued dedication to celebrating the Caribbean community in London.

Steel drums, drinks sipped straight from a coconut and an atmosphere of joy come to the carnival every year, with two million attendees and 40,000 volunteers helping to make the event a success.

These four top picks represent a small selection of how vast and vibrant London is for people of all ages.

Make the most of your student experience by venturing off campus to the heart of the city thanks to the world-famous London Underground network.

Students soon find the familiar haunts their predecessors enjoy local to the South London hub Roehampton is situated in but while you are studying in the UK, you can tick these spots off your proverbial bucket list!

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