How to prepare for IELTS exam?

Last Updated: 17 July 2021 • 3 min read

If you want to get the grade you desire in your IELTS exam, it can really pay off to do as much preparation as possible.

But short of reading all the books you can and doing as many test exams as you can manage, what else can you do to make sure you’ll be full of confidence when your test day comes around? How to prepare for IELTS?

Our blog will give you loads of IELTS exam tips to be as prepared as you possibly can be for your IELTS exam.

Know what to expect

Time is limited when it comes to IELTS tests; so, knowing what to expect as soon as you open the paper can really help you make the most of your time. 

You'll need to answer as many questions as you can to get the best mark possible, and this will require some excellent time management.

Although you won't exactly know what questions you'll get on the day, having a good idea of the kind of things to expect will help calm those nerves and let you get straight down to work.

Learn some new vocabulary

Having good vocabulary will really help you express yourself in all aspects of the IELTS exam.

Not only will it help you understand the exams texts and questions better, but it will also enable you to demonstrate your command of the language much more effectively. It will also be useful to communicate much more complicated ideas leading to high scores.

Expanding your vocabulary as part of your IELTS preparation doesn't just mean learning lots of complicated words. It also means knowing several words for a single idea, so that you will not look for words when you speak.

If you’re unsure where to start with this one, there are loads of free online tools that can help such as Grammarly or Word by Word. Another great IELTS preparation tip is to concentrate on learning more vocabulary by learning more synonyms.

Synonyms are words or phrases that mean the same as another word. Expanding your knowledge in this area makes it easier to take on new words without having to remember lots and lots of new meanings.

Grab yourself a thesaurus and settle down for a good read!

Remember the order

Taking time to study some grammar rules is a crucial part of IELTS preparation. It will help you sound and write more like a native speaker. 

Sentence structure and word order can be hard to understand at first, but by taking the time to learn some of the rules, you'll become much more fluent in all aspects of the language.

Get your pronunciation right

One of the hardest things to get right when you’re preparing for IELTS, getting your pronunciation spot on will make the biggest difference in your IELTS speaking exam.

Yes, there are lots of different rules to learn, but once you've got your head around all the vowels (or lack of them), silent letters and the long list of exceptions to the rules, you'll be filled with newfound confidence.

Watching English language films with subtitles is a fun way of getting to grips with how the words look and sound. 

Take some practice tests

There’s no better way to prepare for IELTS than doing some practice tests.

Be strict with yourself and ensure that you stick to exam conditions, then look up anything you didn’t understand or that you go wrong once your time has run out.

You can find lots of free tests online, as well as plenty of IELTS exam books with sample tests for all parts of the IELTS exam.

Don’t just practice your strongest skill

We all know that practice makes perfect, but when it comes to improving your English skills, don’t just stick with perfecting your strongest skill.

If you plan your IELTS preparation well, you'll easily be able to fit in some practice for each of the test areas every day of the week. And, with a bit of imagination, you can find ways that will make even your least favourite discipline fun.

Take an IELTS preparation course

This is a perfect IELTS preparation method when you want to achieve a specific score in your exam to meet the entry criteria. 

IELTS preparation courses offer intensive learning led by experienced teaching staff and will challenge you with regular tests so that you can check your progress. You'll also be given IELTS exam tips on strategy, ways to prepare and all the dos and don'ts of the exam which will help you get the score you want.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you achieve your best in your IELTS exam.

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