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How To... Redecorate your university room on a budget

By Lily Martin• Last updated: Nov 8, 2023
How To... Redecorate your university room on a budget
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Your university bedroom quickly becomes your home from home when studying, and it’s therefore very important that it is a comfortable and welcoming space. 

A huge part of this is decorating it, as well as keeping on top of all your stuff, and any clutter, when you finish your first semester.

With the Christmas break just around the corner, here’s five of the best ways to redecorate your university bedroom on a budget.

  1. Start with your bed linen
  2. Explore charity shops
  3. Personalise your room
  4. Clear out clutter
  5. Organise everything

1. Start with your bed linen

Your bed linen probably isn’t the first thing you’d think of when trying to make your room feel more homely, but actually it is probably the most important place to start.

Bed linen can be bought relatively cheaply in many high-street stores, as well as online, and comes in a bright array of colours and styles. 

Choose something that you like, that is calming, and consider searching in the sales for additional pillows, cushions or throws to add texture.

But most of all, consider what works best for you, and what combination of colours and styles will make you feel most at home and comfortable.

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2. Explore charity shops

Especially in the UK, charity shops offer a wealth of opportunities to find unique and inexpensive ways to decorate your university bedroom. 

From second-hand curtains, right through to small trinkets and cushions, plenty of the things on offer in charity shops have barely been used.

With a good rummage and an idea about what you’re looking for, they can be a treasure-trove of exceptionally cheap bargains.

Moreover, the money you spend will be going to an important cause!

3. Personalise your room

Personalising your room is especially important if you’re far from home, or like at the moment, are spending lots of time studying there.

Photos, trinkets, and mementos to remind you of home are essential to fighting home-sickness and can help motivate you when working.

Think of a unique way of displaying pictures of friends and family on your walls, or buy sale or second hand picture-frames. 

Don’t be afraid of making the space your own, it should reflect where you feel comfortable and happy.

4. Clear out clutter

It is especially easy when caught up with university work and studying to allow your bedroom to become cluttered. So make sure you take the time to do a big clear-out each semester.

Usually, it’s best to do it at the end of term, so that your room is clean and tidy and refreshed before you come back after the break.

Consider when clearing things out donating unwanted or unused items to a local charity shop, homeless shelter or project. That way they will be put to good use after you’ve finished with them.

Another great way to make your room feel less cluttered is to invest in a few plants. They will help filter the air in your room, but will also add to the calming and peaceful environment.

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5. Organise everything!

The best way to keep on top of a room redecoration is to organise everything.

University rooms can be smaller than what you’re used to back home, so using space well is especially important.

By having a system to organise your clothes, university work and even your desk space can help make your room feel less cluttered and more welcoming.

Also, a tidy and organised space promotes better working and more efficient studying!

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