Ireland open to international students on-campus this september

By Cassandra Evangeline Benjamin• Last updated: Oct 30, 2023
Ireland open to international students on-campus this september
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Ireland’s Higher Education Minister, Simon Harris, has recently announced that international students are welcome to study in Ireland.  

The incoming students need to self-isolate for two weeks from the day of their arrival. The universities will take care of the student's essentials during this time. 

The students will be able to begin their classes online while under quarantine and start their on-campus classes as soon as possible. 

“The priority now is getting people back into college and getting as much face-to-face time as possible because I do strongly believe the importance from a mental health point of view that people need to interact with others, face-to-face,” he said.

Furthermore, the Irish government will soon release a “green list” of safe countries. Students travelling from these countries need not self-isolate on arrival. 

Other steps Ireland has taken to combat the virus include:

  • Mandatory masks in public spaces 
  • Strict social distancing 
  • No more than ten people can gather for social events 

Such steps will instil confidence and relief in prospective students of the country.

Ireland has already risen to the status of a top study destination in recent years. The European Migration Network reported a 45% jump in international students in 2019 when compared to the past five years.

 This trend is predicted to pick up and rise in the coming days with the relaxations and schemes that Ireland is putting forward for the benefit of the international student community.

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