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By Cassandra Evangeline Benjamin• Last updated: Nov 8, 2023
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The pandemic has been an obstacle for many study abroad aspirants looking to travel to the UK. 

On the 23rd of April 2021, the UK announced that India was added to the red list as part of  precautionary measures to avoid the new COVID-19 variant from entering the country. Alongside India, Nepal, Pakistan, South Africa and many more countries have also been added to the red list.

Given the current situation, the biggest question on students' minds has been, 'can students from the red listed countries travel to the UK?'. 

As per the pre-set guidelines, people from the red-listed countries are not permitted to enter the UK, barring a few exceptions.

What is the traffic-light system?

The UK government has introduced a system which rates countries as either red, amber of green for Covid-19.

This dictates the rules that people must follow when entering and leaving the UK.

Red list countries and territories have the strictest rules, with green list countries having the least restrictive rules. These rules have to be followed even if you have been vaccinated.

85000+ students trust Edvoy
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You will be allowed to travel to the UK from red-listed countries if:

  • You are a British or Irish national.
  • If you hold certain types of jobs listed as essential by the government.
  • If you are seeking crucial medical treatment.
  • If you have a right to live in the UK (includes people who hold a work visa or a student visa).

Though international students are allowed to travel to the UK from red listed countries, you need to take specific mandatory steps and follow the quarantine rules set for international students in the UK to enter the country in the foreseeable future until the UK government gives further updates.

Before departure:

  • Get your student visa.
  • Flight travel has not been completely banned between India and the UK, but the frequency has reduced. Keep note of this and book your flight on your intended date of travel.
  • Fill out the passenger locator form
  • Book a quarantine hotel package in a government-approved hotel providing this service. The total cost for a quarantine hotel package per person is £1,750. This includes the charges for transport from the airport to the hotel, accommodation and food for 10 days and 11 nights and two COVID-19 tests. 
  • Take a COVID-19 test three days before you arrive in the UK. You will be permitted to travel only if you test negative.

On arrival:

  • Go to the pre-booked quarantine hotel from the airport using the arranged transport service.
  • Take one COVID - 19 test within the first two days of your quarantine period and take another COVID - 19 test after the eighth day. If both tests turn out to be negative you will be allowed to enter the country. If you test positive you will have to extend your stay at the managed quarantine facility.
  • Collect your Biometric residence permit (BRP) from your university within 90 days of your arrival.

For more latest updates or personalised guidance, book a free virtual consultation with one of our education advisors. 

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