UK Government retains Graduate Visa Route

Updated on: Jun 7, 2024
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UK Government retains Graduate Visa Route
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The UK government has declared that it will continue to offer graduate visas to international students, emphasising regulations and compliance requirements for host institutions.

The Graduate Visa Route allows international students to work or search for work for one or two years after graduation (three years for those pursuing PhD). The government will follow the Migration Advisory Committee's (MAC) recommendation and maintain the graduate visa path.

Details of the UK Government's announcement

The government has issued a warning that the business model will be destroyed for the rogue agents who exploit international student hiring. Universities must follow a stringent structure for agents.

In addition, universities that fail to meet the “tougher compliance standards” could have their licences revoked. This includes universities which accept international students who fail to pass visa checks, or enrol or complete their courses.

The financial requirements will be increased, and English language proficiency test results will be evaluated.

85000+ students trust Edvoy
Start your journey today and get free step-by-step guidance

Will the Graduate Visa (Post-Study Work Visa - PSW) be eliminated?

Although there are no plans to eliminate the UK Graduate visa currently, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) is reviewing the scheme to prevent misuse and preserve the reputation of UK higher education.

According to the Office for National Statistics, these measures report a 10% decline in net migration. Following the Graduate Route visa review, UK universities have noted a decline in applications from international students.

What does this mean for UK aspirants?

Providing relief to international students and higher education stakeholders, the UK Home Office indicated that the Graduate Visa Route will not be altered or eliminated, instead promising a "crackdown" on fraudulent agents.

This will hopefully bring in a period of stability in the UK study market.

Additionally, students need not worry about the lack of PSW to study in UK. They can be assured of better quality of study-abroad services from agents. This could build students' confidence in universities as well.

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What Edvoy counsellors do

Students can trust Edvoy, as it partners with top-quality universities, maintains high integrity and transparency in services and ensures students make well-informed decisions in their study plans.

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Our counsellors are committed to delivering detailed support for students aiming to study abroad. They have extensive knowledge of international education and help every student make informed decisions for their future. 

Our counsellors embody the highest levels of integrity, transparency, and professionalism, and adhere to the standards set out in documents such as the “National Code of Ethical Practice for UK Education Agents 2021” or the “Educational Agency Certification Standards”. 

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Moreover, every Edvoy counsellor has completed the British Council Education Agent Training Programme, ensuring they're up-to-date with the best practices in international education.

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