Earn and learn when you "Refer a friend" with Edvoy

By Chris Tucker• Last updated: Feb 19, 2024
85000+ students trust Edvoy
Start your journey today and get free step-by-step guidance

Ready to earn and learn?

Want to receive vouchers for only two minutes of your time?

Our “Refer a friend” programme is perfect for you to easily earn credit.

We believe in loyalty. And we believe in rewarding loyalty.

To say thank you for letting us help you study abroad we’ve introduced our “Refer a friend” programme to give you a little something back.

Earn up to ₹25,000* or £250* worth of Amazon vouchers for each successful referral.

Ready to share you study abroad journey with friends?

How to refer a friend

Once you’ve created your Edvoy profile it’s a simple three-step process.

1. Copy your unique referral link

This can be found by clicking “Refer a friend” under your profile.

2. Share your link with friends

This takes them to Edvoy to create a profile.

3. Receive vouchers

Once your friend enrols on a course, you will receive your reward.

There are no limits to the number of people you can refer.

The more you do, the more you earn.

85000+ students trust Edvoy
Start your journey today and get free step-by-step guidance

Important stuff to know

To refer a friend, you need to have an account with Edvoy.

Your friend must use your referral link you send to create an account. They must successfully enrol at an institution through Edvoy for at least one year.

Once your friend has been successfully enrolled you’ll receive a push notification and email telling you so. You will receive your reward for every friend that has been referred successfully. The amount will differ depending on the course, country and university you friend enrols at.

Refer a friend today

We promise to work hard for your friend as we did for you.

You’re getting the opportunity to share the study abroad experience and bring someone with you.

It’s time to study together.

It’s time to earn and learn.

Refer a friend today!

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