Osmania University SGPA to Percentage Calculator

Updated on: Jul 11, 2024
Osmania University SGPA to Percentage Calculator
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Osmania University: SGPA to Percentage Calculator

For students at Osmania University, getting a percentage from their Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) is an essential step that cannot be ignored as they are going for job interviews, higher studies or competitive examinations.

With our SGPA to Percentage Calculator, you will have an easy time because it aligns with the official university’s guidance and provides accurate and timely answers.

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How to Calculate your SGPA in Percentage for Osmania University?

A simple formula used by Osmania University when converting SGPA into a percentage. The formula reads:

  • First, calculate the SGPA of all the semesters.
  • Once you get the SGPA of all the semesters, add them.
  • Divide the summation of the SGPAs by the number of semesters you have given.
  • Multiply your SGPA with 10 and then subtract 7.5 from the total [(SGPA * 10) – 7.5 = Percentage]

This formula provides a precise way to translate your semester performance into a percentage, giving you a clear understanding of your academic achievements.

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Grading System at Osmania University

Students’ performances at Osmania University are evaluated using a 10-point grading system. The marks obtained fall under certain ranges which correspond with grades points given to them. Here is an overview of this grading system:

GradePercentageGrade Point
O (Outstanding)85-100%10
A (Excellent)70-84%9
B (Good)60-69%8
C (Average)55-59%7
D (Satisfactory)50-54%6
E (Pass)40-49%5
F (Fail)Below 40%0

Each course's grade points are multiplied by its credit points, and the sum is divided by the total credits to obtain the SGPA for that semester.

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1. How accurate is the SGPA to percentage conversion formula for Osmania University?

The conversion formula “(SGPA *10)-7.5” is officially used by Osmania University and it accurately represents the conversion of SGPA to percentage.

2. Can this calculator be used for cumulative SGPA (CGPA)?

Yes, this same formula can also be applied to convert Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) into overall percentage.

3. What should I do if my SGPA is below 0.75?

If a student’s SGPA falls below 0.75, the percentage will be negative which means that either you need to verify your SGPA or approach university for further assistance.

4. Why is it important to convert SGPA to percentage?

Converting SGPA into percentage is important because it is more universally recognized and required for applications to jobs, higher education, scholarships etc.

5. How can I improve my SGPA?

The key to improving one's SGPA lies in developing consistent study habits, seeking help in subjects where you are weak and utilizing academic resources provided by the university.

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