Weekly news roundup: Queen Silvia Nursing Award opens for 2021 entries

By Lily Martin• Last updated: Oct 30, 2023
Weekly news roundup: Queen Silvia Nursing Award opens for 2021 entries
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This week’s news comes from the UK, Europe and further afield, with Queen Silvia of Sweden announcing the opening of entries for her Nursing Award in 2021.

Furthermore, a new report has highlighted the financial contribution of international students to the UK economy, and Pearson have unveiled a new online PTE Academic exam, as well as a new shortened version at in-person test centres.

Here’s your weekly higher education news roundup. 

New research shows impact of international students on UK economy

New research, compiled by London Economics and published by the Higher Education Policies Institute and Universities UK International has highlighted the significant financial contribution international students make to the UK economy.

The report found that international students add a net economic benefit of £25.9bn across the UK, with the estimated net economic impact by a ‘typical’ EU student in 2018/19 as £71,000 and a non-EU student as £102,000.

Data is also broken down in the report to each of the UK’s 650 parliamentary constituencies, with international students in Sheffield, Nottingham, London, Cardiff, Glasgow and Newcastle making the greatest financial contributions.

“This report confirms higher education is one of the UK’s greatest export earners,” Nick Hillman, HEPI Director said. “The benefits reach every part of the UK, from Land’s End to John O’Groats.”

Recent events, including Brexit and the global Covid-19 pandemic have raised questions about the longevity of the UK’s position as a leader in higher education. Steps taken by the UK government have included introducing a new Graduate visa route and supporting the improvement of English language ability.

“After Brexit and the pandemic, the long-term challenges facing the UK economy have never been greater,” explained Gavin Conlon, a partner at London Economics.

“Built on a world-class higher education sector, international students represent a huge growth opportunity to the UK economy. Every effort should be made by the UK government to further develop this crucial export market".

85000+ students trust Edvoy
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Queen Silvia Nursing Award opens for 2021 entries

An international award for nursing students and qualified nurses, endorsed by Queen Silvia of Sweden, has opened for 2021 entries.

The prize offers students in seven countries €6000 scholarships to “promote and nurture positive change, growth, innovation, and excellence in the field of nursing, geriatric nursing in particular.”

Nurses and nursing students in Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, the United States (through the University of Washington) and São Paolo State, Brazil are all eligible to apply for the award, which was established in 2012.

“We are currently facing critical global nursing shortages,” said the CEO of Swedish Care International, a founding partner of the award, Sophie Lu-Axelsson.

“Whether you are walking into a neighbourhood clinic or making your way into an urban emergency room, nursing shortages will impact us all.”

“The Queen Silvia Nursing Award aims to address this challenge - not only by highlighting the importance of nursing leadership and creativity, but by motivating nurses to channel their talents into older-person and dementia care.”

Applicants are asked to submit ideas, concepts or solutions focused on improving patient care for the elderly and older people living with dementia.

The deadline for submission is November 1, 2021, with the international winner being announced on December 23, 2021, Her Majesty’s birthday.

PTE Academic launches online

Pearson has announced that a shortened version of their PTE Academic test is now available to be taken online, rather than in person.

This test however, unlike the in person one, is not currently valid for visa or migration purposes.

“Many of our PTE Academic test-takers want to move abroad to study at university or progress their careers,” Freya Thomas Monk, Senior Vice President of English Language Learning at Pearson, said.

“To help them on their journey we have rolled-out a shorter PTE Academic test to be taken in test centres and a new online PTE Academic test which can be taken at home.”

The new online exam will be available in every country, with the exception of China, Iran and Cuba, with hopes to roll it out in China in 2022.

Moreover, the shorter, in-person test will be accepted by the same 3000 universities worldwide, in addition to professional bodies and governments. 

Students are encouraged to check that their desired universities accept the online exam prior to booking.

The overall format, structure, question style and scoring remain the same in the new exam.

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