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Student accommodation at Cardiff University

Updated on: Apr 4, 2024
Student accommodation at Cardiff University
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Cardiff University, located in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom, is a public research university. It is the 13th-largest university in the UK in terms of student population and is a member of the Russell Group. A multitude of Cardiff University courses, the teaching methodologies, the student mentor scheme and the focus on equality, diversity and inclusion make the university stand at number 154 in the QS World Rankings 2024.

According to REF 2021, Cardiff University, UK, is among the top 20 universities in the UK for the overall quality of research.

Campus life at Cardiff University

Cardiff University has multiple buildings spread across the city, including teaching facilities, research institutes and student accommodation, so the specific address may vary depending on which part of the university you need to visit.

Various campuses of Cardiff University

  • United Kingdom
    • Newport campus
    • Newport
  • Cathays Park campus
    • Cardiff

Living in the Welsh capital provides access to the country's top cultural events, nightlife and sports facilities. According to the NatWest Student Living Index, it is also the most cost-effective city in the UK, so your money will go even further.

The university community is here to help you succeed and make the most of your student experience. Its free, unbiased and confidential support services are housed at the Centre for Student Life, a landmark facility in the heart of Cathays Park Campus.

Interested in Cardiff University?
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Accommodation facilities

The student halls and houses provide a supportive and friendly community with exciting events run by the Residence Life team to help the students in settling for a new living.

The university offers a variety of halls and houses to suit the interests, preferences and budgets of the international students. This includes accommodation for:

  • Those seeking a quieter living environment
  • Those who belong to the LGBT+ community
  • Those who are Welsh speakers and learners
  • Those who will live as couples or with their families

Various types of accommodation options are as follows:

  • Postgraduate accommodation
  • Undergraduate accommodation
  • Undergraduate studying healthcare accommodation
  • International study centre accommodation
  • Student summer accommodation

Other than that, a few other options are also offered by the university:

  • Contract period accommodation
  • Private sector accommodation

Applying for accommodation

Students can apply for university accommodation after accepting their respective offers to study here. It can be done via the Cardiff University applicant portal (SIMS). Students will require their username and password, which was emailed to them after they received their application.

It should be noted that it can take up to 48 hours after firmly accepting the offer to study until the student can access the system to apply for accommodation.

Benefits of staying at university accommodation

  • Guaranteed accommodation: Cardiff University is among a few prestigious institutions that provide international students, pursuing a degree program through the regular admissions cycle, with accommodation in a single occupancy room during the academic year and summer breaks, subject to the course schedule and returning student application procedures.
    • Undergraduate students with an appropriate offer are assured a single occupancy spot in housing with other first-year students if they satisfy specific requirements. Cardiff also guarantees accommodations for overseas postgraduate students arriving in September, provided certain requirements are satisfied.
  • Interaction with new people: Residing in student accommodation, whether it be a student house or hall of residence, offers the ideal setting for meeting people pursuing a wide variety of academic interests.
  • Location: The majority of university halls and residences are located in the city centre, not just near the university campus, Students' Union and academic buildings, but also the city's shops, parks and nightlife options.
  • Security and safety: The Cardiff faculty and staff work hard to ensure that students have a pleasant, clean and safe environment to reside in. And, if a student ever requires assistance, the Security Team is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Affordable staying options along with other facilities: Cardiff is regularly listed as one of the most affordable university cities in the UK in the Natwest Student Living Index. The living costs calculator can help get an idea of how much living in Cardiff will cost students.
    • Seventy per cent of university bedrooms are provided with private en-suite bathrooms.
    • Reasonably priced meals are offered at a number of cafés and restaurants located across the campus and in the Students' Union.
    • Additionally, students will have free Wi-Fi and access to the university's computer network connection points within their accommodations.

Cost of living for students at Cardiff University

Following is the list that depicts the estimated living costs for UK/EU undergraduate students in university accommodation (Talybont South) for 2023/24:

  • Study costs (books and copying): £17.00 per month and £153.00 per year.
  • Rent (including bills): £613.66 per month and £5,522.98 per year (39 weeks).
  • Meals, toiletries and laundry expenses: £255.54 per month and £2,299.83 per year.
  • Socialising and leisure: £153.01 per month and £1,377.09 per year.
  • Travel in the UK: £33.67 per month, £303.00 per year.
  • Mobile phone and TV licence (assuming one licence per bedroom): £31.25 per month and £281.25 per year.
  • Clothing expenses: £35.00 per month and £315.00 per year.
  • Total estimated living costs: £1,139.13 per month and £10,252.15 per year.

In order to pass the UKVI maintenance test for student visas, international students are advised to have a minimum of £1,023 per month for living expenses outside of London, with a requirement of £9,207 for the first year's living expenses.

Each student's actual cost of living may differ, and those on a tight budget may be able to live spending less.

Final words

Cardiff is one of the greatest UK cities for young adults due to its low cost of living, plentiful career options and reasonable wages.

The university's Centre for Student Life is the one-stop shop for all student requirements. Whether a student needs assistance on health and wellness, career planning, money management, or living in Cardiff, university experts and dedicated support personnel will be available to help. They will assist the student in achieving success and making the most of their academic experience.

Cardiff University has also developed 24-hour online services and extended opening hours so that all the students, including those based at Heath Park, the distance learners and all those on placement or study abroad, can access the help they need, whenever they need it.

For more information on topics related to Cardiff University and other universities, reach out to Edvoy, your study abroad consultant with 16+ years of experience in helping students with their overseas studies.

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Yes, if any student has a disability or medical-related requirements, he/she may be given priority during the allocation process, under the ‘accessible accommodation’ option.

Specifically adapted accommodation is available, in particular for students with a hearing impairment and those who are wheelchair users.

2. What accommodation facilities are available for those belonging to LGBT+?

At Cardiff University, some flats in Talybont North and Talybont South have been allocated for LGBT+ students. This accommodation is available to students who prefer to live alongside, or feel best supported by, other LGBT+ students and/or allies.

Interested in Cardiff University?
Get end-to-end information on course details, campus facilities, fees, scholarships, expert advice and more.

3. What options are available for accommodation for Welsh speakers or learners?

Some flats at Senghennydd Court and Talybont North at Cardiff University are reserved for undergraduate students who are Welsh speakers or learners.

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