Student support - University College Birmingham: leading by example

By Madie Howard• Last updated: Nov 8, 2023
Student support - University College Birmingham: leading by example
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University College Birmingham (UCB) came first in the International category at the WhatUni Awards in 2023: an awards category based solely on student choice.

It also won Silver in the ‘University of the Year’ category and held the title for award winner in the year prior! For a University that officially gained its status as recently as 2012, that is seriously impressive. 

It even contributed towards making awards history as the top three Universities were so close together in terms of scoring they introduced the Gold, Silver and Bronze tiers especially. 

Student Support, Facilities and Career Prospects were rated extremely highly, giving students confidence that UCB would be the right choice.

Does UCB offer scholarships?

University College Birmingham offers numerous scholarships and financial assistance programs to international students. 

The International Undergraduate Scholarship can offer a £1,000 fee reduction to students outside the EU studying an undergraduate degree program at UCB. 

The International Scholarship offers up to £1,500 to students from outside the European Union who want to study for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree with them. 

The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan are also available to students from Commonwealth countries so they can study at UCB.

The University also offers a range of bursaries to support students from underprivileged backgrounds, including the Care Leavers Bursary and the UCB Hardship Fund.

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The Link - where student support lives

The Link is the new home for many of the University's support services.

Student support at UCB has been voted award-winning by students in the 2022 WhatUni awards.

All student services can be located easily on the ground floor of the building, and there is no need to book an appointment as you can drop in at any time. 

A guide detailing the support students can receive is free to download on the University website.

Students know dedicated help is readily available as The Link is just a few minutes walk from all city centre campuses. 

If a student has an accommodation query or needs advice, they can easily pop in for an informal chat after a lecture or before returning to their residence halls. 

Did you know? UCB offers an open-door policy whereby students can drop into any department for help anytime! 

The student engagement team is the single point of contact for students to acquire help academically throughout their time at the University. 

Regular workshops, a chance to improve maths skills, and free access to Grammarly Premium are just some of the benefits students have at UCB.

Health and wellbeing

free and confidential Health & wellbeing service operates thanks to a comprehensive team of trained mental health and wellbeing advisers.

Practical support, coping strategies and, if necessary, access to external mental health and welfare services are all provided.

UCB also stands out for having a nurse on-site, as only a few other universities in the UK offer a drop-in service with a nurse.

Trained counsellors offer professional guidance, 1:1 counselling sessions, and access to resources to support students in managing their mental health effectively. 

The insight network recently reported 1 in 5 students have a mental health problem

Students are not afraid to seek the help they need, and at UCB, it is readily available.

Career support

One of the biggest draws to the University is the dedicated career support students receive. 

Hired is the name of the department that looks after placements and careers, with graduates of the University enjoying high employability.

Hired has helped students gain work placements with widely recognised names such as the Hilton, Scotland Rugby team and National Express.

Other such lucrative employers visit the campus throughout the year so students have the chance to network and pursue career placements.

The careers fair also gives students a unique opportunity to gain insight into their compatibility with desired future employers.

Nervous students can attend one of the many workshops on networking before attending fairs so they will be prepared.

Budding businesspersons can also gain entrepreneurial support from the Enterprise Hive to kickstart their future.

The University is Known for hospitality, culinary arts, events management & business because it has a wealth of successful alumni excelling in these areas.

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The Guild

The Student Union is referred to as the Guild. This collective prides itself on offering more than the chance to set up your society or find out about recreational events.

Diversity officers are available to offer guidance and support so students feel a part of a community.

According to a survey by InsideTrack conducted in 2023, 70% of University students in higher education today are employed while they work.

Some students pursue a job with the student union so they can let students know what will be in store for them during their time at the University.

During their time at University College Birmingham, students can make like-minded friends at societies such as Dance, Drama or the Disabled Students Society.

Or they can found their student club by registering it with the friendly team at the Guild.

Pro Tip: if you want to chat informally with future friends as though England is your native home, check out some modern slang before enrolling in a course.

A secure campus

The presence of 24/7 security for students working and living on campus provides support on a practical level, as international students might wonder how protected they are in a foreign country.

Fortunately, UCB takes the safeguarding of its students very seriously and CCTV covers each corner of campus to ensure only permitted people are present.

Every student has an identity card they can use to enter student buildings. The University has a ‘no visitors’ policy to ensure the safety of everyone on campus.

International students

More than 1,400 international students from over 60 countries are enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate courses at UCB.

The University is lauded for supporting international students before they even arrive in the UK, with assistance on various topics such as Visas and immigration, International student scholarships, Orientation programmes (September and February), working in the UK and more.

At Edvoy, we have created short guides to similar topics directly affecting international students. Check out a recent video explaining everything you need to know about working and studying in the UK

The International Society is a massive hub for multicultural students to meet fellow international students and participate in fun events where they feel relaxed immediately.

The Guild of Students also has international-focused clubs and societies, such as the Afro-Caribbean and Malaysian organisations, so students can meet people from the same background to share common interests.

Find your place at University College Birmingham

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