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Summer intake in USA 2024: Universities, courses, requirements, deadlines

Updated on: Nov 15, 2023
Summer intake in USA 2024: Universities, courses, requirements, deadlines
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The academic year in the USA has some interesting peculiarities that may confuse students. It’s important for you to understand the intake you’re applying to, application deadlines and types of application required because these factors could significantly impact your application.

This article will provide you with essential information about universities, courses, application requirements, deadlines, and more for the summer intake in USA 2024.

What is summer intake in USA?

The summer intake in USA is an intake period for US universities that typically begins in May or June and concludes in August or September. Unlike the spring and fall intakes, only a few universities offer summer intake in USA, and these universities don’t offer all their courses during this intake.

Summer intake universities in USA offer a unique chance for international students to experience American education during a different season and take advantage of various academic programs.

Combining academic challenges with extra-curricular activities, the summer session in Stanford is able to propel the innovative, academic excellence, and global responsibility culture of the University. - Stanford.

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Benefits of applying for summer intake in USA

Here’s why applying for the summer intake can be beneficial:

  1. USA universities offer different short-term, certificate and vocational courses during the summer, which can give students a good start.
  2. Competition is usually less during this process, so candidates have a better chance of being offered admission into USA universities.
  3. The summer courses are typically shorter than other ones, lasting about 8 to 10 weeks, which means lower fees and living expenses.
  4. Summer courses often offer a more immersive and personalised learning experience because of the smaller class sizes.
  5. Many summer programs offer different types of cultural activities, including excursions, which give students a better opportunity to explore and understand the local culture.
  6. The summer semester is generally more flexible, allowing students to choose from various programs, including language courses.
  7. Universities also offer online courses during the summer intake in USA, which can allow the students to apply for spring internships.
  8. Many top universities also provide internships during this intake, providing students with opportunities to gain valuable work experience and start building a professional network.

Downsides of the summer intake in USA

The summer intake also has some downsides to consider before applying, and they include:

  • Fewer institutions offer admission to students during the summer intake in the USA. Most universities offer admission during the more popular fall and spring intakes.
  • Not all courses are available during this intake, which may limit a student’s options.
  • Universities may offer fewer scholarship and financial aid opportunities, and available ones may not be to their fullest capacities.
  • Apart from summer internships, there may be fewer job opportunities available for students to explore.
  • On-campus housing options may also be limited during the summer.
  • Students may not have a lot of opportunities to socialise and network due to a smaller student body.

Summer intake universities in USA

Here’s a list of several renowned summer intake universities in USA and some available courses, including summer intake universities in USA for MS 2024:

S.NoUniversities Offering Summer IntakeAvailable Courses/ Programs
1University of Illinois at ChicagoArchitecture, Design, Computing and Technology
2University of FloridaBusiness Finance, Communications, Geography, Mathematics, Biological Sciences
3New York UniversityAccounting, Journalism, Performing Arts, Africana Studies, Acting
4Stanford UniversityBanking, Machine Learning, Data Science
5Mississippi State UniversityAccounting, Agriculture, Business, Economics, Communication, Computer Science
6The University of New MexicoArt Classes, Language Courses
7The University of Texas at AustinEngineering, Urban Design, Archaeology
8University of Oregon Journalism, Design, Business
9University of HoustonCommunications, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, History, Social and Behavioral Sciences
10Saint Mary’s University of MinnesotaGraphic Design, Art, History and Theology
11Indiana University BloomingtonPsychology, Art Education, Counseling, 
12Boston University Finance, Engineering, History, MS in Chemistry
13University of Nebraska-LincolnTech Communication, Education and Human Sciences, MS in Food Science and Technology
14Western Illinois UniversityCivil Engineering, Biology, Accounting
15Bridgewater State UniversityFinance, Economics, Computer Science

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How to apply for universities in USA for summer intake 2024

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply for universities in USA for summer intake 2024:

  1. Research and shortlist universities and programs - Start researching the institutions offering summer intake and the programs from early August of the previous year. You can move to the next step once you identify universities and programs that align with your interests. Ensure you take note of the specific application deadlines for the particular institution.
  2. Prepare your application materials - Consult your preferred institutions’ websites to determine their requirements and start gathering the necessary documentation you’ll need for your application. While these requirements may vary, these are some generally required documents to be eligible for admission to US universities:
    • Academic transcripts or mark sheets
    • Scores of English Language proficiency tests, such as IELTS or TOEFL
    • Standardised test scores, such as GMAT or GRE
    • Valid passport
    • Passport size photographs
    • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
    • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
    • Essays
    • CV/Resume
    • Financial documents
    • Certificate of work experience, if applicable
    • Certificates of extra-curricular activities
  3. Submit your applications - After you’ve met all the requirements for your chosen institution, you can start sending in your applications for the summer intake before the application deadline. Generally, you can submit your applications until May, but ensure you’re aware of each institution’s specific deadline. After your submission, you’ll need to wait to get a response. This can take around one month or longer. However, many universities give you the option to track your application online or through email so that you can know the application’s status. 
  4. Apply for a student visa and explore scholarship opportunities - If you receive an acceptance letter, you can begin applying for a student visa. Your acceptance letter will include details about the next steps, such as accepting the offer or registering for classes. Ensure you follow these steps. You can also explore scholarship and financial aid opportunities at your chosen institution, which may require you to submit additional documents or a second application. 
  5. Prepare for your trip - You can start making preparations for your trip to the USA, including other travel arrangements and exploring housing options. Some universities offer generous on-campus housing opportunities for students.

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Application deadlines for summer intake in USA 2024 

While application deadlines differ, application deadlines for summer intake in USA 2024 should typically fall in March, with the admission results coming out around April and May. 

Frequently asked questions

How many intakes are there in USA?

In the USA, colleges and universities offer three intakes. The intakes are the spring, fall, and summer intakes. The fall intake is the main intake, and it begins in August. The application deadline for this intake is typically in December or January of the year before. The spring intake begins in January, so it’s the best option if you miss the fall intake. Some institutions offer a summer intake for limited programs, typically starting in May.

Which intake is best for USA?

Although the summer intake in USA has its fair share of benefits, the fall intake is the most favoured of all three intakes, as it coincides with the academic year. Most top universities offer their full range of courses and programs during the fall, so students have access to a wide range of institutions and programs. It also provides enough time to take standardised tests and prepare for the application process.

When should I apply for summer intake in USA? 

The summer intake typically starts in May and continues till August. If you plan to apply to institutions during the summer intake, you need to start preparing from the end of the previous year. After you gather all the necessary application materials, including the necessary documentation, you can start submitting your applications from December till March, which is the typical deadline for most institutions. 

Which exam is required for MS in USA for Indian students?

The first requirement is to hold an undergraduate degree related to the chosen MS field and to have completed at least 16 years of education. If you meet these requirements, you can start taking the standardised tests that are required for most MS-level programs in the USA, such as:

  • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), in which most institutions require you to have a minimum of about 740. This is recommended for business and management programs. 
  • Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), in which a minimum of around 290 - 330 is required.
  • English Language proficiency tests, such as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Other tests, such as PTE or Duolingo, are also accepted in some universities. 
  • In most institutions, you require a minimum of 90 - 100 in TOEFL or 6.5 and above in IELTS to be eligible.

How to get admission to US universities from India? 

Follow the steps that we have outlined above to help you secure admission to US universities easily, and if you’re having trouble, contact our team of expert counsellors to guide you. 

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What kind of courses are offered in the Summer Intake? 

The courses or programs are typically shorter, and many universities provide language courses for non-native English speakers. However, several regular undergraduate and postgraduate courses are available in the institutions offering summer intake. This includes courses like computer science, business and history. 

Which entrance tests are required to study in the USA?

Although the standardised tests you require depend on your chosen institution and program, you may need to pass one or more of the following tests:

  • Language proficiency test: IELTS or TOEFL
  • Academic skills and knowledge test for undergraduate or postgraduate degrees: SAT / ACT or GMAT / GRE
  • Medicine degree entrance test: MCAT
  • Law degree admission test: LSAT

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