Top courses to pursue in the UK after 12th Commerce

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Top courses to pursue in the UK after 12th Commerce
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Commerce is a vast field with a broad range of courses and career opportunities. Various top universities at the global level offer numerous top-notch programmes, and students can pursue any of these courses after completing their 12th with a commerce major. So, let us look at the options available and the way to choose the right one to build your higher education and career path!

How to choose the right course?

Completing commerce in the 12th standard exposes you to various course options to choose from and pursue. After completing a degree, you can even specialise in multiple fields like finance, economics, marketing analytics, statistics, humanities, etc.! 

All you have to do is:

  • Identify your area of interest
  • Explore the curriculum of the subject and
  • Check for the best course, the eligibility criteria, the course duration, and the fee structure.
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Top courses to pursue after studying commerce

Higher education institutions offer a diverse range of majors to pursue for commerce students. You can study ANY subject as a full-time program irrespective of your knowledge and expertise in Mathematics! So, here is a list of top degree courses you can take after completing your 12th Commerce with Maths scope.

1. With mathematics

B.Com (honours)University of Oxford
C.A. (Chartered Accountancy)University of Glasgow
B.F.A. (Bachelor of finance and accounting)The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
B.Sc. StatisticsUniversity of St. Andrews
BIBF (Bachelor of International Business and Finance)University of Warwick

2. Without mathematics

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)University of Strathclyde
BMS (Bachelors of Management Studies)University of Cambridge
Company SecretaryUniversity College Birmingham
Bachelor of Social WorkUniversity of Edinburgh
Bachelor of Foreign TradeUniversity of Leeds

3. Diploma, creative, and other course choices

Diploma in Advanced AccountingImperial College London
Diploma in Management AccountingUniversity of Glasgow
B.Des Game designingStaffordshire University
Diploma in Retail ManagementUniversity of Westminster
Bachelor of Event ManagementCardiff Metropolitan University

Types of degrees one can pursue after completing commerce in 12th

There are 3 to 4 popular degrees you can take up in the field of commerce. Let us have a look at what you can do after completing the 12th class with a commerce major.

CourseDegrees OfferedDurationJob prospects
DiplomaDiploma in banking and finance, Diploma in Retail Management, Diploma in Digital Marketing1-2 yearsA career in digital and media firms, insurance and private banks. Can step up in the job by giving a shot in bank exams.
BachelorsB.Com, BBA, BCA, BAF, BFM, etc3 yearsAs an Accountant, Auditor, Consultant, Business Analyst or Finance Officer
MastersM.Com, MBA, M.Sc (Commerce; Sales Management)2 yearsMarket researcher, Retail Manager, Statistician, Investment Analyst
Vocational coursesOffice Secretaryship, Stenography, Accountancy, Banking, and Retail6 months - 1 yearIn-office management, and Corporate communications

Top UK universities around the globe that offer commerce programs

UniversitiesAnnual tuition fee
Oxford University40k- 65k Pounds
London Business School61k Pounds
The University of Warwick25-45k Pounds
University of Cambridge21.73 Pounds
The London School of Economics and Political Science21.57k-30.96k Pounds
The University of Manchester21k Pounds

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Lucrative job prospects for commerce students after graduation

Here are the top highest-paid jobs that you can take up as your profession as a 12th commerce student.

Job prospectsAverage annual salaryJob growth
Corporate entrepreneur$86,0003.6%
Managerial economist$68,7828%
Strategic manager$105,77311%
Financial manager$134,18017%
Corporate communicator$87,8329%

1. Corporate entrepreneur

As a Corporate entrepreneur, you will guide a firm’s employees to create, innovate and take risks and execute the output of their works with the utmost quality. You can prove yourselves in fields like business consultancy, new start-ups, sales and marketing, and education as a corporate entrepreneur.

Average annual salary: $86,000
Job growth: 3.6%

2. Managerial economist

If you are a Managerial Economist, your key role includes you to be an advisor to the firm you are working on diverse economical strategies and investments. Additionally, you will need to be aware of the recent market trends to study and analyse the economic patterns in the market.

Average annual salary: $68,782
Job growth: 8%

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3. Strategic manager

A strategic manager is a generic terminology addressed for diverse roles like project manager, product strategist, consumer insights analyst, policy and financial analyst. Whatever job you land on, your core task will be to plan, strategise and integrate the administration plans for the employees in your organisation.

Average annual salary: $105,773
Job growth: 11%

4. Financial manager

As a financial manager, you will handle and operate the financial investments, shares and other monetary activities in your company. You can start your job as a branch, cashing, credit manager, financial controller, or risk and insurance manager.

Average annual salary: $134,180
Job growth: 17%

5. Corporate communicator

If you have specialised in corporate communications, you can land on a few job roles like Outreach Coordinator, Broadcast Producer, Digital marketing specialist. Your primary job function will be to manage the flow of communication and information and build brand equity for the firm in the job market.

Average annual salary: $87,832
Job growth: 9%

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1. What is the best course to take up after completing your 12th with a commerce major?

A: B.Com, CA and Bachelor of Economics are some of the best UG courses for Commerce students.

2. What are some of the highest-paid jobs for graduates who studied commerce in 12th standard?

A: You can apply for jobs like Company Secretary, become a Financial Manager, or start your preparations for being a Chartered Accountant.

3. What is CS in the Commerce field?

A: A company or Corporate Secretary is a person who deals with the legal activities of a business organisation by being a core part of the company.

4. Can I pursue BSc Computer Science after commerce graduation?

A: Yes, you're definitely eligible for BSc Computer Science after completing commerce in 12th.

So, are you all set to pursue your ambitions? We are here to help you! Connect with edvoy today!

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