Triple accredited business schools in the UK for international students

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Triple accredited business schools in the UK for international students
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What is triple accreditation?

Triple accreditation or triple crown accreditation for business schools is the star-recognition provided by the combined body of AACSB in the USA, AMBA in the UK and EQUIS in the European Union.

The pivotal importance of getting an MBA from a triple-accredited business school is that the business program will be of utmost quality and will be acknowledged by employers internationally. So, you can count on standing out while looking for a job!

Now, without further ado…

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6 Best triple accredited business schools in UK

S NoBusiness schoolsEstablished year
1University of Birmingham1900
2University of Kent1965
3Durham university1832
4University of Leeds1904
5University of Glasgow1451
6University of Bradford1966

1. University of Birmingham

The Birmingham business school at the University of Birmingham is one of the top triple-accredited business schools in the UK. The school focuses on moulding young businessmen and women into leaders with a futuristic vision and innovative business strategies. 

The courses and degrees offered here are broad. Apart from the undergrad and postgrad degrees, they have also begun research studies and a few online programmes! The lessons generally revolve around Business administration, Finance, Economics, Statistics, Accounting, and Banking.


One of the significant factors that make this business school a top-notch institution is its mission, which allows the students to engage with industry professionals and be a part of an integrated learning environment. The career opportunities that the students are exposed to are also wide-ranged!

2. University of Kent

The Kent business school at the University of Kent is one of the top 30 business schools in the UK. They strive to bring out a leader and an innovator from within a student and transform them as excels in business, administration, finance and education. With outstanding state-of-the-art facilities and with a hub dedicated to research and innovation, this university has more vibrant feathers to its cap!

You can pursue an undergraduate degree in accounting, finance, investment, management, and international business at this school. You can also pursue postgraduate courses in these areas. The ASPIRE programme in this school is one of the best platforms to grow as a budding entrepreneur and expand your career options!

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3. Durham University

Established in 1965, the Durham business school is one of the best business schools. It is also one of the oldest ones in the UK. This school ranks in the 45th position in the Finance Times European Business school. And an added feather to the cap is this school has made it to the top 1% of global institutions as a triple-accredited business school in the UK.

durham university

The Durham business school also offers a wide range of courses for you to choose from in business, finance, management and economics. Apart from that, the unique and historical setting of the campus with an extraordinary setup of integrated teaching programmes makes Durham business school like no other!

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4. University of Leeds

The Leeds business school is also one of the top-ranked universities with triple accreditation. This university majorly focuses on creating an exceptional impact globally, with its structured and organised faculty excellence and sustainability in a course format.

Here again, you have a wide range of courses to choose from. All the courses majorly focus on the advancement of knowledge within the business school by utilising innovative research teaching methods. You can work on your thesis out of the six significant departments available in the Leeds business school.

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5. University of Glasgow

The Adam Smith business school in the University of Glasgow ranks among the UK's top 1% triple-accredited business schools. The course structure here allows students to explore, research, and analyse the complex issues in business and management to come up with strategic solutions.


The syllabus is structured as integrated study programmes that make it easier for the students to have an interactive study experience rather than monotonous classes. Combining world-class research and teaching is one of their fortes. 

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6. University of Bradford 

Last but not least, the Bradford business school is the “Business school of the year 2021”! Their commitment to driving economical and social work during the COVID 19 pandemic has made it a superhero among the struggling crowd.  

Coming to the courses offered in this triple-accredited business school of the UK, they majorly focus on moulding future leaders and business sharks who will make the world a better place with enriched economical conditions! To learn more about the evolving business landscape, the Bradford business school has partnered with diverse industrial partners too!!

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So, are you pretty excited to be a part of one of these reputed institutes? They are all set to welcome you aboard! All you have to do is, visit edvoy today and start your journey into the world of business and management!

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