Weekly news roundup: The University of Manchester opens admissions for September 2022

By Haripriya Sivasubramaniam• Published on: Feb 11, 2022
Weekly news roundup: The University of Manchester opens admissions for September 2022
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While the majority of the Indians are aspiring to study abroad in recent times, here is the reason behind the scale-up and other educational happenings around the globe this week!.

Over 70 per cent of Indian students aspiring to study abroad prefer hybrid programmes: Survey.

According to the study conducted by WorldGrad in India, more than 72% of the students have opted for hybrid courses and programmes.

The study involved around 4000 students. They believe that online and offline classes will cut down the education expenditure and will not compromise the education quality provided by the reputed institutes.

EduBridge to inculcate skilling habits in youth.

EduBridge, in collaboration with UNICEF-YuWaah, conducted a day-long online event, Skills Factor 2022. The event was split into 26 bite-sized sessions. The participants learned everything about technology, finance and banking, and self-development in these sessions.

When asked about the experience, they quoted that this event has paved the way for their upskilling to build a sustainable career.

The University of Manchester opens admissions for September 2022.

The University of Manchester has opened applications for their September intake 2022 for international students.

The University has added a provision of offering partial scholarships and grants to students with strong academic credentials. This provides hope and opens doors for literary talents as a part of encouraging them and helping them take their next step in education.

USAID partners with Florida State University to improve teacher training colleges in Malawi.

The Florida State University’s Learning systems institute has joined hands with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to improvise the teacher training program in Malawi.

The estimated budget for this project is $15.6 million. This Strengthened Teacher Education and Practice (STEP) improves the higher education system that trains primary and professional teachers to advance in their careers.

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