University of West Alabama: Low cost but high value?

Updated on: May 17, 2024
University of West Alabama: Low cost but high value?
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More than 1,320 undergraduate students enrol yearly to the University of West Alabama.

 A student-centred University nestled in leafy Livingston, students enrolled at UWA study towards lucrative degrees in fields such as Business, Management, Marketing, and Education.

One of the most important factors influencing a student’s choice of University destination is the area in which the institution is based.

Does it offer a variety of food choices? Is the area multicultural? What is the nightlife like?

As a student, you need to picture yourself slotting seamlessly into your surroundings, with the affordability of Livingston against a student budget factoring highly into consideration.

Fortunately, Alabama has the 4th lowest cost of living in the United States, according to a 2022 Yahoo study, with housing averaging at 30% less in costs than other states - that makes Alabama one of the best places to live on a student budget!

With plenty of indoor and outdoor activities year-round, and its low cost of living, Alabama is an excellent choice for students.

What can students do in Livingston, Alabama?

Livingston is a small town in Sumter County with a close-knit student community.

If you enjoy exploring the outdoors, the University of West Alabama will have a lot to offer you recreationally.

The UWA Nature Preserve offers nature trails and scenic views to students alongside the chance to go fishing or boating on the lakes and rivers.

The Sucarnochee River runs through Livingston, while the 54-acre Lake LU is located right on the doorstep of the UWA campus.

Not only is being near water beneficial for your mental health and ability to concentrate, but it also offers leisure opportunities such as kayaking and paddleboarding.

The University of West Alabama's Living History Museum allows students to access local historical artefacts, while the Sumter County Courthouse Square takes students on a guide to the history of the area.

Both activities are educational and entertaining simultaneously, allowing students to feel more connected to the area.

Residents in Livingston tend to be young and liberal, making for an exciting nightlife scene.

From the laid-back atmosphere of the Brass Monkey Saloon bar to Mexican-themed bars, the American nightlife scene lives up to its reputation in this small Southern town.

South American soul food is also a must-try experience for University of West Alabama students, whether on the UWA campus or in nearby eateries such as Austin’s Q&A steakhouse or Jack’s: a fast-food chain serving classic American fast food staples.

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The University of West Alabama campus

American campuses are vast spaces with plenty of greenery and faculty buildings.

International students are comforted by the fact the University of West Alabama is known for being one of the safest campuses in the country. 

Trained guards and police officers have a 24/7 protective presence on campus to watch over all student and visitor activity.

There are more than 60 student clubs to get involved with, including the International Student Association, which promotes the exchange of international cultural values and ideas. 

Students form a close-knit community on campus, from academics to athletics and beyond, via the different student organisations created. 

Students are academically supported by having the vast Julia Tutwiler Library fully accessible seven days a week just as much as the unfathomably small 13:1 student-to-teacher ratio.

One of the stand-out features of the UWA campus is the movie theatre situated conveniently on campus! Prices are kept low, and all the big releases are shown to students with entertainment on their doorstep.

The outdoor swimming pool and comprehensive fitness centre provide more recreational fun that students value. Especially in the warm Southern weather!

Events are regularly hosted throughout the year, whether as a result of the Student Union or from student organisations such as Greek Life.

Championship NCAA Division II Athletics takes place on campus, and students enjoy getting involved as participants or spectators. The community feel is built on inclusion and providing activities everyone can enjoy.

Athletics teams are called the Tigers, with nine men’s sports programmes and ten women’s in total.

The University also houses a natural history museum with an extensive collection of fossils, minerals, artefacts, and exhibits on Alabama's diverse ecosystems.

Does UWA offer scholarships?

Various factors combine to make students eligible for financial scholarship support, including academic achievement.

UWA offers merit-based International Talent Scholarships for eligible students who hold academic, music, or foreign languages abilities. Awards are approximately $4,500 USD per semester.

It is important to note that on-campus residency is required for two years to maintain the total value of Trustee scholarships.

Students are advised to conduct thorough research on available scholarships to understand the financial support available fully.

In 2016, the University was named one of four universities nationwide to receive a $3 million education grant towards the recruitment and training of teachers in rural areas.

The University is well-funded, with much to offer, but the tuition fees are fair and relatively low compared to other states.

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