Weekly news roundup: University of Ottawa announces $5 million in Francophonie on campus

By Haripriya Sivasubramaniam• Last updated: Jun 26, 2023
Weekly news roundup: University of Ottawa announces $5 million in Francophonie on campus
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By starting our news voyage across the US, we are ending the journey in New Zealand this time. Here’s the weekly news roundup from the global education forum.

NZ professors in Maori Science row quit royal society.

Two New Zealand professors have left the country’s learned academy over a divisive debate on the “parity” of indigenous knowledge and science.

Philosopher Robert Nola and Medical scientist Garth Cooper quit the Royal Society of New Zealand after the house dropped proceedings against them for co-authoring a letter about Maori Knowledge. The letter stated their plans to incorporate the knowledge into their school science curriculum and teach teenagers that science is the rationale for Maori colonisation.

US Education Secretary Miguel Cardona calls on the American rescue planning funds.

The US Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona issued a call on states, higher education committees and schools to tap federal resources and collaborate on addressing teacher shortage and aiding student recovery.

The announcement was built on President Biden’s statement to the Union about addressing the critical challenges schools and districts across the country face using the American rescue planning funds.

World Bank approves $20 Million in funding for the Palestinian education sector.

The World Bank approved an investment of $20 million into the Palestinian sector as a part of its multiphase programmatic approach to aid key education challenges.

It is a section of an eight-year programme that focuses on critical educational challenges in the occupied Gaza and West Bank. The scheme seeks to encourage the outcomes of primary and secondary pupils and pave the way for their tertiary education.

The University of Ottawa announces a $5 million investment in Francophonie on campus.

The University of Ottawa released a press statement that it’ll be investing $5 Million in the Francophonie of the campus over the next five years.

The announcement was made on International Francophonie day to uplift the campus life for Francophones. They’ve also come up with initiatives such as conducting a recruitment drive for new French-speaking professors and developing new programs in French.

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