Weekly news roundup: World’s best law schools revealed for 2022

By Haripriya Sivasubramaniam• Last updated: Oct 31, 2023
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In the past week, there has been a global surge of significant happenings in the education sector. First, the QS has released a list of this year's best law schools worldwide, while students are availing of FEA scholarships in the USA to study abroad!

So, here's this week's news roundup from the global education hub.

The US Department of Education Announces American Rescue Plan Summit

The US Department of Education issued an update to the press regarding the plans for a summit on April 17th. The forum is to focus on and establish how the Biden-Harris Government is helping the student-faculty community recover from the 2-year long pandemic situation.

The virtual summit will happen on April 27th, where the department of education will conduct the event in collaboration with the National Public Education Support Fund.

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Various Canadian Universities partner with Canada's HEIs to expand opportunities for Science and Innovation

CHEd-The Commission on Higher Education has led many Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Canada in an internationalisation mission to strengthen academic and research partnerships.

The partnership opportunities are focused on health sciences, technology, agriculture, and renewable energy, among others.

List of World's best law schools released for 2022

The 12th edition of QS World Rankings by subject has revealed the best law schools in the World for 2022. Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Yale and Stanford have been ranked as the top five universities. Other universities that have reserved the spot in the global rankings are Ireland's University of Cork and the University of Texas at Austin.

On a country basis, the US tops the ranking list with 17 universities, followed by the UK with 13 and Australia with eight universities.

High STEM grad retention in the US, survey says

Three data researchers from Georgetown University have come up with the survey details regarding the international student population that pursue STEM courses in the USA.

They have inferred that, over the past 20 years, the count of international students contributed to 40% of nearly half a million students for the PhD degrees awarded by the universities. They also quoted that those who graduate from the STEM programs and settle there contribute to society's domestic and economic upliftment.

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A total of students from the University of North Georgia were selected for the FEA scholarship

Three students from the University of Georgia have been awarded the Fund for Education Abroad scholarship. The grants were renewed and had three additional scholarship spots for students who deserved them. On the whole, six students are FEA recipients from the University among 119 fellows.

The scholarship is awarded to students from various US universities to aid their plans of pursuing higher education abroad.

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