What are academic transcripts?

Haripriya Sivasubramaniam
Haripriya Sivasubramaniam
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What are academic transcripts?

When applying to study abroad, you need the required documents beforehand.             
Submitting academic records is a primary step in the documentation process. This article lets us see what a transcript is and its importance in the application process.

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What is the Transcript of Records (ToR)?

The transcript of records compiles all the academic data and documents. It typically includes courses taken, exams passed, and credits earned. These will be from high school, undergraduate degrees, and post-graduate qualifications.

The difference between a degree, diploma, and a transcript

Degree/ DiplomaTranscript
The final certificate you’ll receive upon completing your educational qualification.This is the official statement from your high school and university that compiles the data of all the academic records and achievements.

Why a transcript is necessary?

The transcript is a mandatory requirement for submitting and processing your application to a university. Since this comprises all the scholastic data, the admissions committee will look into this first. 
Secondly, most universities require a digital copy of the transcripts. Some universities expect you to send hard copies of ToR via courier services like DHS as the first step of processing your application.

Contents in a transcript

Here's what a transcript holds.

  • Full name of the student and the institution where you studied.
  • Board of school education and college education (in which they completed your schooling and degree).
  • Complete name of the course.
  • Subject-wise scores in marks/grades for all the semesters in high school and university.
  • The overall grade received by the student in the whole academic year/course.
  • Proof from the educational institution to officiate this as the transcript letter-head paper.

Common names given for an academic transcript

The academic transcripts/ official transcripts provided in schools and colleges are given below.

  • Mark sheet
  • Mark list
  • Academic record
  • Report card
  • Record of achievement 
  • Cumulative record file
  • Permanent record file
  • Transcript of Records

When does a student need transcripts?

A transcript is necessary for higher education admissions. It would be best to have an official academic transcript of records ready while applying to college or university.            
When you graduate from high school, these will be provided to you.

What transcripts do you need to include while applying?

  • You will need to submit your high school official transcript as a part of the undergraduate admissions.
  • You will also have to provide your undergraduate course transcript to process a master's admission. Most institutions ask just for these two copies, and sometimes they won't require one for a postgrad or MBA programme. 
  • Additionally, if there are any backlogs in your schedule, you must submit a backlog certificate alongside the records.

What to check in your academic ToR?

Once you get your transcripts, double-check the following details and see whether the data provided is accurate.

  • Date of issue
  • Signature of the administration officer
  • Official stamp of the institution that issues the transcript

Some universities might deny your application if they encounter any fault in the transcripts, so make sure it’s accurate.

What to do if your transcript gets delayed?

If exams get delayed, so too might your transcript when applying to study abroad. In these circumstances, you can use an interim transcript approved by the institution you are studying.

FAQs regarding how to get your ToR

What to do about the transcript if you are in your final year?

You'll receive your ToR after completing your final semester exam. But if you have applied for masters overseas and are waiting for the final results, you can submit the second year's official transcript.

What documents are required to support the records if you apply abroad?

Apart from the academic transcripts, you'll need to submit a backlog certificate. This will be additional proof of your academic record.

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