What are the types of student accommodation available in New Zealand?

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What are the types of student accommodation available in New Zealand?
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You’ve settled on your favourite degree, you will need to get ready to study in New Zealand. But one of the most important things to consider is choosing the right student accommodation in New Zealand.

When international students study abroad, they are likely to have many accommodation options available. However, the final decision on where to live will depend on how much budget you have, and the demands of your course.

This guide provides an overview of the different housing available for international students moving to New Zealand. In addition, we provide information on the costs of accommodation in different cities.

Types of student accommodation in New Zealand

New Zealand universities have a good reputation for providing an excellent education for international students. But the country's higher education institutions are also well known for helping international students with quality accommodation and additional support.

As a result, you are likely to have a range of good options when it comes to choosing student accommodation. Here, we highlight the different choices available when selecting student housing in New Zealand. 

Halls of residence

In New Zealand, halls of residence are usually on campus. Students share facilities with other students in halls of residence but have their own single or double rooms. 

Also, many universities have student hostels and flats that can be located off campus. But these are generally a short distance from your university.

This type of student accommodation will also have access to a shared bathroom, kitchen and living area. Often, you will share with between 4-8 students, although some housing may have more or fewer students than this.

In addition, you are likely to have on-site laundry services, and some universities also offer catered options. However, this will come at an extra cost.

For many international students, living on campus in halls is helpful. Sharing a living space with other students can help you to integrate into a community. Also, you can gain quick access to the university’s facilities. 

Included facilities

If you decide to stay in student halls when studying in New Zealand, you will have access to the following facilities. 

  • Shared bathroom and kitchen facilities
  • Furnished room (bed, desks, chairs)
  • Electricity and heating
  • Wifi
  • Additional services (laundry and security)\

Most universities will offer additional services and support in halls, like security and cleaning, but these might not be included in the cost of your rent.


In homestay accommodation, international students stay with a family or host located in the local city or town. Here, you will have access to a private room and most hosts will provide meals throughout your stay.

Also, families and hosts will generally provide access to all the facilities you need. This includes wifi, kitchen facilities, a shared bathroom and furnishings like beds, tables and chairs. 

Often, staying with a host is cheaper when compared to living in university halls. In addition, you can find out more about local culture and practise your English skills during a homestay. 

Although, depending on where your host is located, you could be far away from the university campus. 

Included facilities

If you choose a homestay as your student accommodation in New Zealand, you will get access to the following facilities. 

Also, most hosts have contact with your university so if you require any additional facilities whilst studying in New Zealand, get in touch with your institution. 

  • Shared kitchen and bathroom
  • Wifi
  • Catered meals
  • Laundry services
  • Electricity and heating


Flatting is when students live in private accommodations off campus. Generally, groups of students share a flat or house, sometimes with 2-6 bedrooms and shared facilities. However, some students also rent private accommodation on their own, but this can be expensive.

Almost every independent accommodation will have basic kitchen facilities and at least one shared bathroom. Many will also have additional supplies like washing machines, dishwashers and tumble driers.

Often, students have to set up and pay their own heating, electricity and wifi bills when sharing a flat or house. The overall cost is shared between the students who share the house or flat.

Depending on the location and quality of independent accommodation, this can be a cheap option when choosing where to live in New Zealand. Some of these flats and houses are located close to the university, but some can be out of the city and in the suburbs. 

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Included facilities

If you select flatting as your accommodation of choice when studying in New Zealand, you will most likely have access to the facilities below. If the following are not included, or you need something additional, contact your landlord, letting agent or university for support.

  • Shared kitchen and bathroom
  • Electricity and heating
  • Cleaning facilities (washing machine, dishwasher)
  • Furnishings (beds, chairs, tables, etc.)
  • Wifi (you often need to set up your own in independent accommodation)

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Average accommodation cost in New Zealand for international students

The overall cost of your rent when staying in New Zealand depends on where your university is located. For instance, living in large cities is more expensive.

Also, choosing independent accommodation or a homestay is usually cheaper than staying in halls of residence. But the costs can vary depending on whether you want catered accommodation and access to additional facilities and services. 

To help you decide where you want to stay when studying in New Zealand, we provide some of the average costs of student rent in some of the country’s cities. 


  • Halls of residence - $435 per week
  • Homestay - $343 per week
  • Flatting - $535 per week


  • Halls of residence - $397 per week
  • Homestay - $280 per week
  • Flatting - $520 per week


  • Halls of residence - $354 per week
  • Homestay - $290 per week
  • Flatting - $150 per week

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Is rent in New Zealand cheap for students?

Rent can be cheap in New Zealand, depending on where you stay. For instance, choosing a homestay option or flatting is cheaper than staying in halls. 

How much is student accommodation in New Zealand? 

On average, prices range from $150 per week to $535 per week for accommodation. However, the price range will be larger or less depending on which city you stay in and your choice of accommodation. 

What housing is available for international students in New Zealand?

Currently, students have three housing options available: halls of residence, a homestay or flatting. 

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