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What you can do with a business degree?

By Haripriya Sivasubramaniam• Last updated: Nov 21, 2023
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A business degree is one of the degrees with the broadest appeal pursued by higher education applicants and students globally. This top-ranked professional degree offers a wide range of lucrative career options and provides fast-paced career growth for a graduate.

Now let us have a look at what jobs can take you to heights in your professional life after graduating with a business degree from top universities.

What do business graduates do?

Business graduates generally become sharp entrepreneurs and start their businesses, while a few excel as managers and analysts in a corporate bubble. Whatever the career path or the job role you take up, you can earn abundant greens in your profession as a business graduate!

Now let us look at what you can do with a business degree.

What jobs can you get with a business degree?

1. Business analyst

Average salary (annually)$74,469
Job growth14%

As a business analyst, you will put your business expertise and knowledge in observing marketing and business trends and apply your observations to develop the business or the firm with which you are working. To be a successful business analyst, you need to have a mix of business sense, analytical thinking, research skills and excellent communication.

2. Financial manager

Average salary (annually)$134,180
Job growth17%

A financial manager role is one of the most lucrative job roles and is a perfect answer for what you can do with a business degree! Your core role as a financial manager is to take ownership of the financial health of an organisation. You’ll produce financial reports, direct investment activities, analyse market trends and draft plans for long-term financial goals.

3. Marketing analyst

Average salary (annually)$65,810
Job growth22%

If you are an analytical and creative person, who can persuade anyone with your raw data for product selling, this role is tailor-made for you! As a marketing analyst, you’ll research consumer practices, research competitors and their products and present an insightful action.

4. Management analyst

Average salary (annually)$87,660
Job growth14%

Your job role as a management analyst is to assist companies and firms in ways that will reduce costs from their side and boost revenue. You’ll work in-depth on interviewing and observing on-site, examining financial data, recommending organisational changes and training workers in newly implemented strategies.

5. Human resource specialist

Average salary (annually)$63,490
Job growth10%

HR specialist is one of the most preferred job roles by business graduates. You will be responsible for maintaining the talent quotient in a firm by recruiting new professionals and managing the employment factor. To keep the core objective driving from your side, you will need to work on recruiting, screening and interviewing new people, followed by training them once they are on board. Apart from these, you will also be required to manage compensations, process new hire paperwork and address complaints.

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Unsure about which course to choose?
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Top reasons to study business

  • Have you ever got curious about why pursuing and graduating with a business degree is always in demand?! Apart from the gates to abundant career opportunities it opens for one; here are the compelling reasons to consider pursuing a degree in business!
  • It is a major where you can gain high knowledge and skills in marketing and management.
  • A recession shield for your future! According to the survey conducted by NABE, economists believe that a business degree will ride you out of the recession that started by the end of 2021. This is because of the in-demand jobs that a business graduate takes up.

How can you get a business degree abroad?

Different countries have different requirements to pursue your business degree abroad. So, here’s a quick look into the eligibility requirements for the following countries.   

CountryEntry requirements
  • Four years of UG degree
  • GMAT score above 600
  • TOEFL/ IELTS scores.
  • 2-3 years work experience (preferable)
  • 80% score in higher education
  • Mandatory subject completion: Mathematics (integral)
  • Scores of IELTS/TOEFL
  • 70-80% score with English or maths as a mandatory subject
  • IELTS requirements: 7.0 overall
  • AAA/AAB requirements
  • GRE/GMAT scores
  • Bachelor's degree with 60% equivalent score
New Zealand
  • GMAT and IELTS scores
  • High school equivalent score
  • 2-5 years work experience

Top universities offering business degree


UniversityTop courses offered
Warwick business schoolAccounting and finance; International business
Durham business schoolBusiness and management; economics
University of Nottingham business schoolIndustrial economics; international management
The University of Edinburgh business schoolAccounting, finance and international business
Cranfield school of managementInvestment Management, Marketing, Logistics


UniversityTop courses offered
Harvard universityBusiness analytics, sustainable investing
Stanford universityAccounting, Corporate Governance, Organisational leadership
University of PennsylvaniaEconomics, international studies, management and technology
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyEconomic analysis, applied macro and international economics, entrepreneurial finance
University of California Berkeley (UCB)Essentials of marketing, finance for managers


UniversityTop courses offered
University of TorontoAccounting, Project management, Process development
University of British ColumbiaGlobal supply chain and logistics management, Business technology management
University of AlbertaCommerce, Business administration and accounting
Western UniversityAccounting and business analytics
McGill UniversityBusiness economics, corporate finance, global marketing management


UniversityTop courses offered
Trinity business schoolDigital marketing strategy, Financial risk management, Law and finance
University College CorkInternational business with languages, Business and financial economics
Kemmy business schoolRisk management and Insurance, Marketing, management
Dublin City University business schoolBusiness analytics, human resources, business economics
Dublin institute of technology college of businessStrategic management, advertising, international business

New Zealand

UniversityTop courses offered
University of OtagoHealth informatics, executive education, entrepreneurship
Victoria University of WellingtonTaxation, information systems, public policy and government
University of WaikatoDigital business, economics, finance
Massey UniversityManagement and leadership, finance and marketing, accountancy
University of CanterburyInternational business, economics

Famous personalities who are business graduates!

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger: This famous face of the USA is an international business and Economics graduate from the University of Wisconsin- Superior.
  • George.W. Bush: The 43rd president of the United States entered the White House as an MBA graduate from Harvard University.
  • Indra Nooyi: CEO of Pepsi and one of the most influential people globally, is an IIM Calcutta graduate.
  • Tim Cook: This former director of IBM and the current CEO of Apple completed his business studies at Fuqua School of Business, Duke University.

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Unsure about which course to choose?
Edvoy provides free expert guidance and helps you shortlist courses with ease


1. Is a business degree worth it?
A: Yes. Pursuing a business major of any stream and graduating from that opens a wide gate of lucrative jobs.

2. Does a major in business pay well? 
A: Yes. Whether you are an undergrad or a postgrad in business, you will earn an average of $50,000- $60,000 approximately. This range differs according to various specialisations in the degree. This is a clear indication of what you can do with a business degree and how it secures your career!

3. What types of business can you major in? 
A: Here is a list of courses you can pursue as a business major: Accounting, Finance, Business Administration and Management, Marketing, International Business, Business communications and Human resources management.

So did you get a clear picture of what you can do with a business degree? Connect with edvoy today and explore more! It is time to make your study abroad dreams come true!

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