What are the GMAT exam dates and fees 2023?

Updated on: Nov 9, 2022

When you want to enrol on a graduate management programme abroad, you may need to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). It’s a way of proving that you can read, speak and understand English at the levels required by an MBA or similar course.

You can take the GMAT at test centres in 114 countries around the world or online in your own home. It’s the most popular test of its kind for MBA admissions and has been for more than 60 years, with 200,000 candidates taking it every year.

But when can you take the GMAT and how much does it cost? Here’s everything you need to know about GMAT exam dates and fees:


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GMAT exam dates explained

The good news is that the GMAT exam can be taken on almost any day of the year, especially if you decide to take the online route. With 30 test centres around India there’s lots of flexibility for you to find the right location and date if you want to take the test in person.

Available dates vary by location but most testing centres have slots available Monday to Saturday for the rest of 2022 and into early 2023. This means that you should have no trouble finding GMAT exam dates in India to suit your timetable.

Which GMAT exam dates are right for you?

Before you jump in and book up the next available date, it’s worth taking a step back and considering when you should take the test.

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) advises that you should register two to three months before your test. It can be up to six months in advance.

Applying to graduate management programmes can be complicated, so you should have a go at filling in the Registration and Score Reporting Timeline. This is part of the GMAT Handbook and is designed to help you select the right test date.

The timeline helps you to identify:

  • Your earliest possible registration date
  • An early registration date
  • Your last chance to register
  • Earliest application deadline
  • Test date

The recommendation is that your test date should be at least 21 days before your application deadline. This gives you time to reschedule another test if your first score is not enough. You need to leave 16 days in between test attempts.

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It breaks the process down into four steps to make it easier:

Step 1: Gather information      
This step is all about making sure you’ve got all of the information you need, including:

  • Application deadlines for your chosen programmes
  • Any location-specific regulations that affect you
  • Any special requirements you may have
  • How long you’ll need to prepare
  • Where the test centres are near you, or whether you plan to take the exam online

Step 2: Create a timeline

You will then use all of this information to create a timeline for your application. If you need any accommodations because of a disability, be sure to factor in extra time for this process.

Step 3: Schedule the exam

When you’ve picked out the right date at the right location, you can either pay online or by calling the GMAT Customer Service team.

Step 4: Review the confirmation

When you receive your confirmation, make sure the name listed matches your required form of identification (a passport if you are taking the test in person) exactly. Also double-check the test date and location and query any issues as soon as possible.

When you have booked your data, it’s time to work out your preparation schedule. GMAT recommends an 8-week study plan and even offers a free downloadable planner document. Having a schedule means you can stay on track with your studying.

GMAT fees explained

It costs $275 (around INR 20,600) to take the GMAT exam and a further $30 to receive an enhanced score report. There are also fees attached to rescheduling or cancelling, depending how close to the date you are requesting this. The GMAT exam fees in India are as follows:

GMAT product or serviceFee (US$)
GMAT exam$275
Enhanced score report$30
Additional score report$35 each
Cancel score after leaving the test centre$25
Reinstate score$50
Analytical Writing Assessment Essay Rescoring$45
Reschedule more than 60 days before appointment$50
Reschedule 15-60 days before appointment$100
Reschedule 14 days and less before appointment$150
Cancel more than 60 days before appointment$100 refund
Cancel 15-60 days before appointment$75 refund
Cancel 14 days and less before appointment$50 refund

How to pay your GMAT exam fees in India

GMAT accepts VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Network Cards. However, if your credit or debit card is declined, your appointment will automatically be cancelled. The same will happen if the card is proven to be stolen or fraudulent. If you attempt to challenge or dispute the fee you may be blocked from taking further GMAT exams.

Some Indian banks require debit cards to be verified before online usage through the Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code schemes. However, this is not possible when booking the GMAT exam. If this causes you a problem booking, you should contact your bank and ask for assistance. This could be in the form of a one-off card or the lifting of the restriction in this case.

You can also pay through cashier check, money order, or personal check. If paying by these methods please leave at least 10 days before your appointment to ensure that the money has been processed in time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy a GMAT exam gift voucher for someone else?

If you want to help someone pay their GMAT exam fees, you can actually do this by buying them a GMAT Exam Gift Voucher. These are available from the GMAT website and cost $250 - the price of an exam.

Vouchers are non-refundable and are valid for 5 years from the date of purchase. They cannot be used to pay for an exam that has already been booked and cannot be bought in the European Union or Japan.

Can you cancel or reschedule the GMAT exam?

It is possible to reschedule or cancel your exam appointment up to 24 hours before the date. This can be done either online or by phone (doing so by phone will incur an extra $10 charge). The fees for rescheduling or cancelling depend on how much notice you give, with the smallest fees incurred if you do so with more than 60 days to go.

If you reschedule with less than two weeks left, you will need to pay $150 to do so, while a cancellation would get you just $50 back. So it is important to make sure you can definitely attend your scheduled appointment.

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