What are the MCAT exam dates and fees, 2022?

Updated on: Nov 9, 2022

It’s an essential part of any medical school application process in the USA, whether you want to be a medical doctor, a veterinarian or work in osteopathy or podiatry. It’s available for international students who have or are studying for an MBBS qualification.

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But what are the MCAT exam dates and what fees do you need to pay to take the test? Here’s everything you need to know.

MCAT exam dates explained

In the USA, MCAT tests take place on set dates and at set times. The standard start time is 8am each day. There is a 10 Day Deadline by which you need to have scheduled, rescheduled or cancelled as well as editing any registration information.

Here are the currently scheduled test dates in the USA, including when the scores will be released: 

Test Date10 Day DeadlineScore Release Date
September 1stAugust 22thOctober 4th
September 2ndAugust 23rdOctober 4th
September 9th August 30thOctober 11th
September 10thAugust 30th October 11th

Dates for overseas US territories (which don’t incur an international testing fee) include: 


September 1, September 9

Puerto Rico

September 1, September 2, September 3, September 9, September 10

U.S. Virgin Islands

September 9, September 10

Dates for international locations include: 


September 1

China: Hong Kong

September 1, September 2


September 1, September 2, September 9


September 1, September 2, September 9


September 1


September 1, September 2


September 7, September 8, September 9, and September 10.


September 1, September 2

South Africa

September 1, September 2


September 1


September 1, September 2*, September 9*

United Kingdom

September 1, September 2

MCAT fees explained

It costs $325 to register for the MCAT, with an extra $120 payable for international students. This puts the overall cost at around INR 35,500. The MCAT fees are as follows: 

Standard Registration Fee$325
Fee Assistance Program Registration$130
International Fee (on top of Standard Registration Fee)$120

You may need to pay applicable sales tax, value-added tax, goods and services tax, or similar tax required by law in the country where you are testing. If taxes are applicable, they will be collected at the time of scheduling.

You can pay your fees using American Express, VISA and MasterCard, including debit cards with the VISA or MasterCard logo. These are the only forms of payment that can be used.

The Fee Assistance Program helps people with extreme financial limitations that would stop them being able to take the exam. However, it is only available for permanent US residents, not for international students.

MCAT fees for rescheduling or cancelling

If you need to cancel or reschedule your MCAT exam, this will normally come at a cost. It is only allowed when there is more than 10 days to go before the exam date. After this point you will not be able to reschedule and will need to book another exam at full price.

The fees for rescheduling or cancelling are:

TimeframeReschedule FeeCancellation Refund
60 days or more before exam$50 ($20 on Fee Assistance Program)$160 ($65 on Fee Assistance Program)
30-59 days before exam$100 ($40 on Fee Assistance Program)$160 ($65 on Fee Assistance Program)
10-29 days before exam$200 ($80 on Fee Assistance Program)$0

When cancelling your test, international students will not receive a refund of the International Fee paid.

If you make multiple changes on multiple occasions you will be charged multiple fees. For example, changing the test centre and then deciding to also change the date afterwards would mean you’d need to pay the fee twice. Doing both at the same time would mean only paying the fee once.

You may change your test date and/or test centre, provided:

  • Scheduling has opened for the desired exam date.
  • Space is available. Current availability can be found online via the MCAT Registration System.
  • Changes are made at least 10 days before the exam you are currently scheduled to take.
  • Changes are made at least 10 days before the exam you wish to reschedule into. Once that exam date is within 10 days, rescheduling is no longer allowed.

Emergency refunds are available. You must provide the necessary documentation which will be reviewed by the AAMC. The maximum refund amount available is the same as the 30+ day cancellation refund ($160 for the standard fee). The International Fee is still non-refundable in these cases.

ReasonDocumentation Needed
HospitalisationHospital records
Death in the immediate familyFuneral program or death certificate
Unexpected military serviceOfficial request for deployment
Unexpected health care service duties related to a catastrophic eventOfficial request for deployment
Jury dutyOfficial summons
Being displaced from your home by a natural disasterProof of displacement
Testing positive for COVID with 10 days of the examRelevant COVID test result
Being exposed to someone with COVID within 10 days of the examRelevant COVID test result
Exhibiting COVID symptoms prior to exam dateRelevant COVID test result

Other issues will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the AAMC. Complete requests including all documentation need to be received for all applications no less than 10 days after your exam date. A decision will be announced within two weeks of receipt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often can I take the MCAT exam?

The MCAT exam can be taken up to three times in a single year, up to four times in two consecutive years and up to seven times in total. You only register for one seat at a time. Each exam would cost the Standard Registration MCAT fees plus the International Fee for students from outside the USA. Registration can only be done at least 24 hours after your previous exam.

2. How often do US medical schools offer admissions to international students?

This varies from school to school. There is no restriction on international students. In 2019 there were 49 medical schools in the USA that accepted international students. You should contact the relevant schools to find out if they would accept an international application.

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