Are there any full diploma scholarships in Canada? 

Updated on: Jan 10, 2024

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Yes, there are full diploma scholarships available for international students in Canada. However, the availability of such scholarships can vary depending on the specific diploma program, the institution offering the program and the funding resources available. Here are a few types of full diploma scholarships you might find:

  • Government Scholarships: Some Canadian provinces or the Canadian federal government may offer scholarships specifically for international students pursuing diploma programs. These scholarships could cover tuition, living expenses and other costs.
  • Institution-Specific Scholarships: Certain Canadian universities, colleges or institutes may provide full scholarships for outstanding international students enrolling in diploma programs. These scholarships could cover tuition fees, accommodation and possibly even a stipend.
  • External Scholarship Organizations: There are organisations in Canada that offer scholarships to international students pursuing various levels of education, including diploma programs. These organisations might focus on specific fields of study, regions or criteria.
  • Corporate Scholarships: Some Canadian companies and corporations might sponsor international students pursuing diploma programs, especially in areas related to their industries.
  • Nonprofit and Philanthropic Foundations: Various foundations in Canada aim to promote education by offering scholarships to international students. These scholarships might cover a range of diploma programs.

Keep in mind that scholarship availability and eligibility criteria can change, so it's recommended to verify the details directly from the sources.