How can I get a full free scholarship for MBA in US Universities? 

Updated on: Aug 23, 2023

Attaining a full free scholarship for an MBA as an international student in the US involves proactive steps:

  • Research Wisely: Explore US universities renowned for offering scholarships to international MBA candidates, focusing on those that emphasise diversity and global perspectives.
  • Exemplary Academics: Elevate your academic profile with a strong GMAT/GRE score and a competitive GPA to enhance your scholarship eligibility.
  • Outstanding Application: Craft a standout application highlighting leadership, diverse experiences and potential contributions to the MBA program and beyond.
    • Highlight Achievements: Showcase your exceptional achievements, such as academic honours, leadership roles or community engagement. Emphasise how these accomplishments reflect your dedication and potential in the business world.
    • Showcase Publications: If you've authored relevant publications, papers or articles, highlight these as evidence of your expertise and commitment to your field. Illustrate how your research aligns with your MBA goals.
    • Demonstrate Recognitions: Detail any industry or community recognitions you've received. These accolades validate your contributions and underscore your potential to excel in an MBA program.
  • Connect with Alumni: Engage with alumni who have benefited from scholarships to gain insights and potentially secure referrals or recommendations.
  • External Funding: Explore external scholarship sources, both in your home country and internationally, that support MBA studies in the US.

By diligently navigating these avenues, you can increase your likelihood of securing a full free scholarship for an MBA program at a US university as an international student.