How good is Ireland for pursuing MS? 

Updated on: Aug 8, 2023

Ireland is a great destination for pursuing a Master's degree, with a strong reputation for its education system and numerous opportunities for students.

There are several renowned universities in Ireland, such as Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, and National University of Ireland Galway, which offer a wide range of Master's programs in various fields of study.

Apart from academic excellence, Ireland offers a unique cultural experience, with a rich history, friendly locals, and stunning landscapes. Additionally, the country is home to many international students, providing a multicultural environment that can enhance your educational and personal experience.

The cost of living in Ireland is relatively high, particularly in major cities like Dublin, but the country also provides numerous scholarships and funding opportunities for international students.

Ireland is also home to many global tech giants, including several FAANG companies, such as Facebook, Apple, and Google, as well as many start-ups that are making waves in the industry. Pursuing a Master's degree in Ireland can increase your chances of securing employment at these companies or startups. Additionally, the Irish government offers several incentives for foreign investment, which has resulted in a thriving start-up scene in the country. 

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