How hard is it to get a scholarship to New Zealand? 

Updated on: Aug 23, 2023

Securing a scholarship as an international student in New Zealand can vary in difficulty based on factors such as your academic excellence, field of study and the availability of scholarships. New Zealand offers numerous scholarships to attract international students, aiming to promote diversity and excellence in education. Institutions like universities, government agencies and private organisations provide a range of scholarship opportunities.

Highly competitive scholarships like the New Zealand International Excellence Awards are generally harder to obtain due to the rigorous selection process. These awards often require exceptional academic achievements, leadership skills and community involvement.

However, there are also scholarships that target specific countries, fields of study or levels of education, which might have less intense competition. It's crucial to thoroughly research available scholarships, meet the eligibility criteria and submit a strong application with well-crafted essays and letters of recommendation.

The difficulty level for international students to secure a scholarship in New Zealand ultimately depends on your individual qualifications, the type of scholarship you're applying for and the effort you put into your application. Starting the scholarship search early, maintaining a high academic record and presenting a compelling case for your suitability will improve your chances of success.

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