Pros and cons of working part time while studying in Canada? 

Updated on: Aug 1, 2023

Working part-time while studying in Canada has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the pros and cons are listed below:


  • Financial support: Working part-time can provide you with some financial support to cover your expenses while studying in Canada.
  • Work experience: Part-time work can provide valuable work experience, which can enhance your resume and make you more marketable to future employers.
  • Time management: Balancing work and study can help you develop strong time management skills that are useful in any career.
  • Networking opportunities: Part-time work can offer networking opportunities that may lead to future job prospects.
  • Improved language skills: If English or French is not your first language, working part-time can help you improve your language skills and gain confidence.


  • Reduced study time: Working part-time may reduce the amount of time you have available for studying, which could affect your grades.
  • Burnout: Balancing work and study can be stressful, and if you are not careful, you may experience burnout.
  • Work-life balance: Working part-time may affect your ability to participate in extracurricular activities, spend time with friends, and take care of yourself.
  • Limited income: Part-time work may not provide you with enough income to cover all of your expenses.
  • Work permit restrictions: International students are limited to working a maximum of 20 hours per week while studying in Canada.

It's important to carefully balance your work and study commitments to avoid burnout and ensure academic success.