What is the future in the USA after doing a PhD? 

Updated on: Aug 1, 2023

The future in the USA after completing a PhD can be quite varied depending on your field of study and career goals. Here are some potential paths:

  • Academia: Many PhD graduates in the USA choose to pursue a career in academia by becoming professors or researchers at universities and research institutions. This typically involves applying for postdoctoral positions, working as a research assistant, and eventually securing a tenure-track position.
  • Industry: Another popular career path for PhD graduates in the USA is to work in industry. This can involve working in research and development for a private company or working for a government agency. PhD graduates are highly valued in industry because of their advanced research skills and expertise in their field.
  • Entrepreneurship: Some PhD graduates in the USA choose to start their own companies or become entrepreneurs. This can involve developing new products or services based on their research or using their expertise to provide consulting services to other companies.

Non-profit and government work: Many PhD graduates in the USA work in non-profit organisations or government agencies. This can involve using their research skills to address social or environmental issues, or working on policy development and implementation.