Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Level 7)

Learn how to deal with complex systems and manage large-scale projects and solve real life problems. This degree offers comprehensive preparation using the most appropriate emerging technologies.

The first year of engineering study at the SIT has a core of five compulsory papers, plus a choice of electives. This allows you to study two strands without making a formal commitment to one specifically. You are then encouraged to select electives from the options listed, focusing on those required in the strand you are considering majoring in, for years two and three.

Civil Strand
Ethics, Law and Professional Conduct, Environmental Engineering, Mechanics and Structures, Project Management, Risk Management, Traffic and Highway Engineering, Water and Wastewater Engineering.

Mechanical Strand
Ethics, Law and Professional Conduct, Machines, Manufacturing, Mechanics, Product Design, Project Management, Risk Management.

The Bachelor of Engineering Technology is aimed at secondary students who have achieved the requisite entrance qualifications (including NCEA Level 3), at recent New Zealand Diploma in Engineering graduates wishing to undertake a degree programme of study in order to enter the engineering profession, and at existing practitioners (in fields such as roading and transportation, water and wastewater engineering, infrastructure, mechanical engineering and design) wishing to obtain a more senior position.

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