Bachelor of Arts Geology

To obtain a B.A. with a major in Geology, a student must fulfill university, college, and departmental requirements. Minimum hour requirements follow:

  • 46 hours of University General Education courses - (Most commonly, Geology majors do not complete 46 hours of coursework solely for the purpose of meeting University General Education requirements. Instead, they often test out of at least six hours of fundamental academic skills, take courses that meet both the three hours of U.S. Diversity requirements and three hours of social sciences requirements, meet five hours of humanities and 3 hours of global diversity requirements with a language course, and meet the seven-hour natural sciences distribution requirement through completing major courses. In such cases, the number of credit hours taken solely to meet General Education requirements is reduced to 22 or fewer.)
  • 12 hours of college breadth requirement
  • 16 hours of foreign language
  • 70 hours of major courses
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$21,718 Per Year

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Aug 2024

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Jul 2024

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